Anna Campbell's newest Avon Treasure, UNTOUCHED, goes on sale in two days. I hope everyone is as excited about it as I am.

Anna burst on the scene with her debut book CLAIMING THE COURTESAN. While not every reader liked every aspect of CLAIMING, most everyone did agree that Anna is a terrifically talented author.

I really want readers to read UNTOUCHED, which is just as emotional as Anna's first book and has an unexpected twist.

I think this book will gain Anna some new fans, and, once you've read it, please let us know what you think.


Blogger Anna Campbell said:

Hey, thanks, Lucia! Great plug! I'd forgotten the book was out so soon (yeah, right! Hmm, there goes another flying pig!). Hope your tootsies didn't get too fruz in Alaska!

1:50 AM  

Blogger Jane said:

Sounds like a great book and it has a beautiful cover.

3:16 PM  

Anonymous Shelley Munro said:

I'm looking forward to Anna's new book :)

10:50 PM  

Blogger Christine Wells said:

I read UNTOUCHED in manuscript form and it blew me away. Anna's fans are in for a huge treat! She just keeps getting better.

6:01 AM  

Blogger Kelly Boyce said:

I just finished reading Claiming and thought it was spectacular. I can't wait for Untouched. I'll be grabbing it as soon as it's on the shelf.

10:00 AM  

Blogger Anna Campbell said:

Hey, thank you, everyone! That was lovely. Can hardly believe it's out TOMORROW!

5:46 PM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

I've already read it and I can back Lucia up on this one -- it's fabulous!!! Very dark and sexy -- and very emotionally stirring as well.

12:00 PM  

Blogger peggy said:

i cant wait to read it.
i also love the cover of the book

1:50 AM  

Blogger Anna Campbell said:

Hey, Kate, one of my favorite people! Thank you for that - and that opinion was true even before you said those lovely things about my book!

Peggy, I hope you enjoy the green monster! Thanks for your comment.

5:01 PM  

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