An Important Message by Meg Cabot

When my editor Carrie asked me if I wanted to do some video blogging, I said, “Yes!” Actually, I think it was more like, “YES!”

I've never been shy on stage or around cameras. I did my first commercial when I was ten (so what if no one outside of southern Indiana heard of it?) and had the lead in most of my high school plays and musicals.

In fact, like Heather, the heroine of BIG BONED, my most recent release, I planned for a grand career on the stage. That career was cut tragically short, not by my mother stealing all my money and running off to Argentina with my manager, like Heather's (I never actually had a manager and I only made $25 from that commercial), but by the realization that standing up on stage, saying a bunch of stuff some other guy wrote, ultimately wasn't very much fun--not when I could be writing the stuff myself!

But that doesn't mean I don't still love getting up in front of a camera, every chance I get! Especially when it affords me an opportunity to provide an important public service message that women everywhere should heed, no matter what their age, like the one that follows:

Creping! Who doesn’t know the agony of seeing tiny weird lines showing up all over her neck (especially whenever the lighting is sketchy, such as on airplanes and in compact mirrors? I'm not convinced Vaseline is the answer, but all the aging supermodels I read about in interviews swear by it...and I don't see any creping on them!

Oh, dear, I should probably say something really insightful and author-y here that will make you want to run out and read my book, BIG BONED. But what can I say except that I grew up in a large family where we had to use humor to get attention? So this comes out in my books. Don’t expect BIG BONED to be one of those big boring snooze fest books because I wrote it with the sole intention of making readers laugh until their Diet Coke came out their noses. Sorry!

Okay, I gotta go now. I'm planning a fourth book in the Heather Wells saga (hint: there's gonna be a wedding--and don't get me started about how there's a wedding dress on the third book, okay, this plot just occurred to me) and I need to start carbo loading. Oh, and putting Vaseline on my neck. Bye!

Love, Meg


Blogger azusmom said:

I am leaving momentarily for my local chain bookstore to harass them until they put copies of "BB" on the shelf, if they haven't yet. CANNOT WAIT!!!!

12:38 PM  

Blogger Pamela said:

Meg, you are a star. These vids are hysterical. I'm wearing a scarf so I never have to show my neck again...

5:07 PM  

Anonymous danielle said:

I'm going out to buy vaseline right NOW!

5:10 PM  

Anonymous Meg Cabot said:

Aw, thanks you guys! You're the best. Pamela, I think your scarf answer is the best. Or just not looking in mirrors of any kind.


6:27 PM  

Blogger Laura said:

I just finished the book (I should probably learn to savor these things...nah). Just wanted to say thank you and that it made me so happy! I'd been eagerly awaiting its release, and it was worth it. Looking forward to number four! Thanks again!

10:53 PM  

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