What I did on my Thanksgiving Vacation

1) Re-read an Avon classic romance.

In 1994, Avon books published LORD OF SCOUNDRELS by Loretta Chase. Since then, this wonderful book has appeared on more "all-time best" lists than I can even count.

I found Jessica Trent's romance with the notorious Marquess of Dain as fresh and delightful as it was the first time I'd read it. And now, it has been re-released with a new package.

Check it out!

2) I took a long trip.

I adventurously went to Alaska. Here I am with my new boyfriend Joe Juneau. Isn't he handsome?

A lot of people asked me why I went to Alaska this time of year.

I can tell you: the weather was pretty much the same as New York! Wetter, perhaps, but not colder. Also--no tourists (or, as they prefer to be called, visitors).

Bald eagles don't mind the cold. I saw three in one day!

3) I read some non-work books

Since I spend a lot of my weekends sitting anyway (I'm lazy), I don't mind a nice, long flight. Plus, I get drinks served to me. Here's what I read on my trip:
UGLIES by Scott Westerfield: this is supposed to be a Young Adult book. I don't think so. Imagine a world where, when you turn 16, you get an operation so that you look as pretty-vacant as everyone else. Then imagine your best friend rebels against this world. It's not pretty.

ATONEMENT by Ian McEwan: I hoped to figure out what all the fuss was about. I haven't. I see the genius, but it leaves me cold.

THE DIANA CHRONICLES by Tina Brown: Now here's a book to sink your teeth into! Diana--not as nice as she seemed. Bad behavior in the palace with the tragic princess along with Charles, Fergie, Prince Philip, and the Queen.

I've talked enough for one post!