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On Thursday November 28th, I was guest blogger on with Michelle Buonfiglio and the Bellas. It was a blast.

I was first introduced to Michelle at the RWA National Conference this past July in Dallas. I had no clue as to who she was, what she did, or why she wanted to interview me. Once Avon publicity rep Buzzy P cleared that up, and Michelle and I were on camera, I liked her immediately.

Having made my first television appearance at the age of nine, I'm fairly comfortable under the lights. The interview with Michelle was like talking over lunch with an old friend.

The blog was meant to highlight my newest Avon release DEADLY SEXY and to explore the relationship between food and romance.

I sometimes use food as a seduction tool in my work, and for DEADLY SEXY it was cherries – fat, ripe, succulent berries that our truck driving hero Reese Anthony shares with our stranded-on-the-side-of-the-road heroine, sports agent JT Blake.

The topic of food and romance made for quite a lively discussion. Michelle, the Bellas, my crew from Beverlyland, and I blogged for a good twelve hours. We discussed everything from how to keep a man awake after a great meal to my love of football.

Has food ever played a part in your love life? Ever had to leave a restaurant during the first course because the heat flowing between you and the person on the other side of the table was more than you could stand? Well, it's time to spill it--and I don't mean the milk. What great food and loving tales do you have to share?

See my interviews from with Michelle Buonfiglio here:


Blogger Stacy~ said:

Beverly, it was such a pleasure to visit with you last week, and I hope you'll visit Michelle's place again.

I was very disappointed to find that "Deadly Sexy" wasn't at my regular bookstore the last time I was there. I plan on calling to order the book if it is not there this weekend. I really want a copy.

7:27 PM  

Blogger Michelle Buonfiglio said:

You have an open invitation to visit us anytime, Miss B. You and your girls from Beverlyland really perked up the place; everyone couldn't get enough of the fun. We especially enjoyed learning about your books and the history (and food that leads to love!) that's part of each. And I appreciated the tips on keeping a man awake after dinner. Well, it was my anniversary night, and all...

Thanks so much for your very kind words. Ciao!

9:59 PM  

Blogger Ms. B said:

Hey ladies. Thanks for kicking things off. If we have half as much fun today as we had last week with you all it will be fun. Many thanks to Michelle and the Bellas for allowing us to come and play. See you all soon. B

10:01 AM  

Anonymous 'Cilla said:

Hey Ms. Beve..
I tried this earlier ... so let's try again... If you ask me, in your books things get started at the dinner table. For Dix and katherine, it started at during their honeymoon dinner; Sable and Raimond, that little dinner in the middle of the camp, Max and Adam, the fist night she cooked for him, and JT and Reese on their first date .. .. Based on all of this, one would think that that way to a man's heart is to his stomach and it also get you a little nooky nooky too... I know I am crazy

1:22 PM  

Blogger Ms. B said:

Cilla. Thanks for your comments sis. You made me smile. And yes, you are crazy but you're my kind of crazy. LOL B

1:32 PM  

Blogger 'Cilla said:

Ok Ms. Bev...
I remember years ago... I went out with this guy and we were at the Inner Harbor,(Baltimore) eating my favorite, Steamed CRABS... they were hot and spicy. I remember being so turned on watching him lick the sauce from his fingers and sticking out his tongue. That was a hot date..... :-)


3:17 PM  

Blogger Ms. B said:

Love it!!! LOL I wonder if anyone else has any hot and spicy food and aromance stories to tell?? Thanks girl. B

3:27 PM  

Anonymous Janice said:

Got to agree with 'Cilla about that food thing in your books.

Those love making scenes are hotter than the food was!

3:52 PM  

Blogger 'Cilla said:

Maybe it's just me .. but what is it about Strawberrys and chocolate that turns everyon on? I could just have the chocolate by itself.. I guess to each his own...

4:03 PM  

Anonymous Janice said:

I find bananas quite sexy. Hmmmm wonder why...

4:21 PM  

Anonymous kjt said:

My fav food memory:

Hubby and I were dating in college and we were BROKE! ! ! He wanted to do something special because I had crazy last semester in grad school; so his treat to me was his version of a home-cooked romantic meal:

Box version Mac-n-cheese that was runny; green beans from a can w/no seasoning; baked chicken legs w/ Lawry's seasoning salt; chocolate cake-store brought variety; soft lights/candles; and Anita Baker on a dubbed cassette tape (yeah, I'm telling my age;-D)! The terrible dinner lead where it lead though!

Lesson learned: I knew that I had a keeper in this guy. He is still attentive, caring & sexy off-the-charts many years later!


4:28 PM  

Blogger Leondra said:

I can certianly relate to the food thing. Once, when I was in undergrad, my boyfriend and I did some serious experiementing with an ice pop. Grape I beleive it was :0 I can't eat a grape ice pop to this day without going back to that night with a smile on my face. Aww the love of food!!! And I'd like to add that Ms. B, sure knows how to cook up some good scenes. Not just in Deadly Sexy, but in every single one of them, let's not forget the mud pies too in, my personal fav, Indigo.


5:11 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

My husband and I (we were friends at the time, would always eat seafood on the floor. I guess we ended up staying on the floor...:)

5:29 PM  

Anonymous 'Cilla said:

Ok.. I am really going to tell on myself.. my ex-hubbyb, before we married, used to love to make me into a Human Hamburger.. you can guess on the differnt condiments he like to use.... Kinky .. after we married he lost his imagination

7:14 PM  

Blogger Ms. B said:

Oh you all are tooo much. Love the stories. Popsicles, hamburgers, bad food and the rest make for a pretty freaky menu. Thanks for coming out to play with me today. The support is appreciated. B

7:52 PM  

Blogger LaConnie said:

Hi Beverly:

Thanks so much for sharing your time here today. I for one have ALL your books and you give a new meaning to romance and food.

Never thought about how sensual food can be until I became a BJ fan!!!!

Thanks for everything and keep on writing.


8:20 PM  

Blogger Deatri King-Bey said:

Hey Everyone,

As usual, I’m late, but made it! I have always loved reading novels that use food as a part of the seduction and Beverly let’s me down.

Do any of you remember that episode of the Cosby Show when he was pealing that orange for Claire? Or was it the other way around. Lots of people felt the heat with that scene.

I wish I had a story to tell you. I feel gypped.


9:36 PM  

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