Naughty, Naughty…
Jess Michaels

When I wrote EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN, I knew exactly how it would start. It's not giving anything away to tell you that I knew my heroine Miranda would stumble onto the hero, Ethan, involved in erotic activity with a mistress. The question became, how would she react?

That's the trick, isn't it? We all do things or see things or say things we aren't supposed to. Come on...admit it!

You've found a Christmas or birthday present accidentally and peeked. Or maybe listened in on a conversation a little longer than you should have after you heard your own name. Or told just a little white lie. :) Just a little one to make something easier.

We all do it. I think it's probably part of human nature.

But the thing that makes us different is how we react when we do it. Like one person who finds a Christmas gift might rewrap it exactly and fake surprise when they take it out from under the tree. Another might march up to the giver and tell them what they did, maybe even ask them for something else (these people are far more direct than I am). And then some will let it slide, but not try to fake surprise on the big day. All very different reactions.

So, when Miranda saw Ethan and his lover, I was faced with a decision. Would she let them know she was there? Be horrified and run away? Or would she stay, confused and scared, but aroused? And then let it change her entire life.

I decided to go with the third option. :) Miranda not only watched the shocking scene, but it was a catalyst for her to realize that she wanted passion. She wanted desire. So that one little naughty thing she did (spying) and saw (Ethan and his paramour) really changed the entire trajectory of her life and was the jumping off point of my story.

What is interesting is when I started writing this blog, I hadn't thought about the fact that later on, in the same book, Miranda's sister, Penelope, also sees a shocking, erotic scene, much like her sister did earlier. However, she reacts in a very different way. But that's SOMETHING RECKLESS and that's a story for next year--April 2008 to be exact (see below)...

So, here's my question for you. Have you ever seen or heard or done something naughty? How did you react?

I'm very excited to say that I'll be here EVERY Friday in December as the Avon Red guest! So tune in next week for more fun with me! :)


Blogger Jane said:

After a party where everyone drank, most feel asleep in the living room. I was sleeping on the couch and I heard two fellow drunks rolling on the floor under a blanket. I couldn't see anything but I heard a lot of grunting. Since I was drunk too, I threw my blanket over my head and tried to block them out. I was too drunk to move off the couch. I think if I was sober I would have left the living room to give them privacy.

12:36 AM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

LOL, Jane, that sounds like the jumping off point for an erotic romance in itself. But it's probably far less fun when you're the one trying to sleep rather the one under the blanket. Sigh.

8:36 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey Jenna - I confess...I'm an eavesdropper in restaurants. I can carry on a conversation with the hubby and listen in on other table.

My favorite was a number of years ago. The women in the table behind me were discussing what their sexual turn-ons were. When the three women got up to leave, they were three unattractive women...who needed to trim the five o'clock shadow. My husband asked our waitress about them and she just laughed. Said they were in there all the time...sometimes as men and sometimes as women. The name on the credit card was male.

Wish I'd taken notes back then. Another interesting jumping off point for an erotic romance, don't you think?

11:24 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Like a character in a bad sitcom I once got trapped in a bathroom while a couple at a party used the adjoining bedroom for spontaneous recreational purposes. And yes, I listened! They weren’t people I knew (which would have been a HUGE ick factor, I think). And I will admit it was pretty hot. I think the fact that it was hot was at least partially because it WAS something forbidden to eavesdrop on someone else’s intimate moment. And while it didn’t set me out on a lifetime of actual voyeurism, I do love a little accidental or deliberate voyeurism in an erotic romance.

I’ll definitely be adding Everything Forbidden to my Amazon order (I really enjoyed your story in Parlor Games).


11:43 AM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Holy Hannah! You guys get all the sexy naughty secrets! :) I'm so boring, I guess I have to make up the sexy secrets for books. LOL I always overhear fights over childcare or long stories about somebody's shopping trip. Never anything THAT fun.

Sephyna, I hope you enjoy EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN! :) And thanks so much for the compliment about "Fallen Angel". You'll be seeing John and Arabella again in my May book, SOMETHING RECKLESS.

11:50 AM  

Blogger Helen said:

I have read Everything Forbidden and loved it fantastic read.
When I was a lot younger late teens I was at a party and stumbled accidently across a couple having a romantic romp and I had been drinking as they had and to this day I have never forgotten.
Have Fun

4:32 PM  

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