Warning: this isn't a book post. I wanted to do one of my five favorite Chrismas moments in books

However, once I got past the opening scene of LITTLE WOMEN, the one where the March sisters give up their breakfast, I hit a dead end. (I can say that my three sisters and I would selfishly have gobbled down that breakfast. They can rebut here if they want to!) So instead, here are my five favorite Christmas movies in no particular order.

You can all feel free to rebut and/or add to the list.

1) A CHRISTMAS STORY. There is no greater line than "You'll poke your eye out, kid."

2) THE BISHOP'S WIFE. Hmmm. Loretta Young can choose Cary Grant...but he's an angel. Or, David Niven...but he's not paying much attention to her. What a dilemma.

3) MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS. One could argue that this isn't specifically a Christmas movie, but if you can sit through Judy Garland sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and not have a tear come to your eye, well, I worry about you.

4) HOLIDAY INN: They don't show this on television as much as they used to, but it's wonderful. Skip through Washington's birthday and get right to the good part where Bing sings "White Christmas" for the first time.

5) DINER: Best moment is where the future wife loses her chance to get married because she flunks the football quiz, followed by Kevin Bacon in the manger.

Anyway, please add your favorites!

From all of us at Avon to all of you, have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holiday season!


Blogger Tracey Devlyn said:

I watched the 1994 version of Little Women last night, as I do every Christmas Eve. I have to say the scrumptious breakfast giveaway has always made me shake my head. Must they give it ALL away?! :)

Outside of Little Women, I'm a sucker for the classic cartoon, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

I wish you all a fabulous 2008!

1:34 PM  

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