Top Ten Reasons Why I'm Glad To Be Iced In
by Jess Michaels

You've probably read about it...or maybe even been a part of it. But, so far this winter, the Midwest, where I live, has been bogged down in snow and ice. Mostly ice!

I have gone through more defrosting liquid than I care to recount. Obviously, this kind of weather is stressful. I worry about my sweetie getting to work safely and there's the Christmas shopping that must still be done!

But there are also nice things about getting snowed and iced in. I had so much fun putting together a Top Ten list last week for my Surviving The Holidays blog that I decided to do it all over again. Be sure to read all the way to the end because, if you play along with me today, you could be getting a New Year's gift!

10. No School. Okay, this one doesn't really apply to me anymore. I haven't been in school in...well, it's been a while, right? And we don't have kids, so I don't even know which school district I live in when they announce closures during the winter. But there is still something so delightful about the stolen element of a snow day.

Think of it. You were supposed to be somewhere, doing something you didn't really want to do...and then the gods smiled upon you and you ended up getting a free day! I think I'm going to find out our school district and next time they announce a closure, I'm going to take a snow day and play hooky. I'll make cookies, drink cocoa, watch a movie, and maybe even make a snowman.

9. Baby, It's Cold Outside. The only nice thing about it being so cold out is that I get to come inside out of it. I used to wear glasses and they would steam up as I entered the warm house. Now that I don't, I actually kind of miss that. There's something so fabulous about being so cold you ache and then suddenly having warmth surround you!

8. My Backyard Is A Skating Rink. Who needs the park? When it gets icy, my backyard is a free diversion. All I need now are ice skates...hmmmm...

7. Online Shopping. When I decide I need a parka, new gloves, a pilates DVD, and some de-icer (and maybe those ice skates)...all I need is the computer. Doing my Christmas shopping in my cozy pajamas while the roads are ridiculously socked in? Priceless.

6. Reading. Well, duh. This one is especially great when the power goes out. I feel like I do my best "catch up" reading when it's snowy outside and there's no distraction from television or internet. It's also a great time to re-read, isn't it? A comfort read on a cold, snowy day!

5. Catching Up With The Neighbors (Online, that is). There are so many great, fun reader and writer communities on the web that I just can't keep up with them all, especially when I'm in the midst of deadline fog or when I have a book out. So when I'm trapped inside, I love to do a spin around the internet, hitting my favorite blogs, message boards and websites.

4. Catching Up With The Neighbors (The Real Ones). I don't know about you, but my neighborhood is pretty private. Lots of older married couples with no kids or kids who are almost grown. So we don't see anything all that often. Except when we come out to shovel. I learn more about my neighbors’ lives while spreading salt on the driveway. It's kind of amazing how a storm can bring us all together!

3. Making It Up As I Go Along. I've noticed that when I'm trapped in the house, waiting out a storm, I tend to get more adventurous with my food. I might try that casserole I've had my eye on, or make a special dessert or dinner. I don't know what it is, but it brings out my inner Martha Stewart (who is buried very deep).

2. Pretty Pictures. Although being iced and snowed in may be inconvenient, at least it is beautiful. Nothing says holiday time to me more than trees bowed with ice crystals and heavy with snow. It makes it feel like Christmas and puts me in the mood to celebrate.

1. Ah, The Romance. I talked about this a little bit last week in my Surviving The Holidays blog (#3 tip, to be precise). But is there anything better than the bitter wind whipping snow outside, the fire burning bright, not having anywhere to be or go and you and your special someone are inside? Together. You all read romance...YOU do the math!

What do you do when you're on a Snow Day? Anything you wish you could do? Or anything that is your favorite thing about the whole “Snow Day” concept?

What are your favorite books that use this element? I'll read through all the comments and pick my favorite two answers. My favorite will win an ARC of SOMETHING RECKLESS, my April 2008 erotic historical romance! My second favorite will win a copy of EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN, my November 2007 erotic historical.

I'll post the winners’ names as part of my final “Month of Jess Michaels” for Red Friday on December 28!


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Whooo girl you're freezing me to death! I live in KY and we've only had one or two days of snow where it actully stuck to the ground! I hope you have a heated blanket on your christmas list this year!!
Have a wonderful day, and great blogging! Hugs, Crystal

10:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks for the reminder that you're here on Fridays. I forgot!

Keep those typing fingers warm by whipping up something new and sexy for your readers. They'll appreciate it.

Merry Christmas

10:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I used to live in the Midwest and the one thing I loved about being inside on a cold, snowy day was being able to curl up on the couch and watch old movies and drink tea and cocoa. Actually, I kind of miss those days. But I don't miss scraping ice off the windshields, or getting stuck in the snow in the driveway.

Stay warm.


10:09 AM  

Anonymous Eliza Knight said:

I love the idea of being able to drink hot cocoa and watch movies...but I haven't been able to do that in about 6 years...Instead, we play outside in the snow with the kids going sledding, making snow angels,warning the kids not to eat the yellow snow... snowball fights, snowmen, and laughing at the babies who toddle around like marshmallows wondering why we've layered thirty pounds of clothes on them.

Eliza Knight

10:09 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

One of my favorite books that highlights the "snow day" concept is "Ethan Fromme" by Edith Wharton. It's a very bitter sweet story that incorporates the beauty of winter and also the hazards of it. Also, the climax involves one of my favorite "snow day" past times- sled ridding.

Melissa Garcia

10:38 AM  

Blogger flip said:

I live in the snowy mountains. We have lots of snowy days. I love to drink hot tea. Wear my comfy yoga pants. Watch my favorite movies..big snowy day favorites, Buffy the Vampire slayer series, Firefly series, the Lord of the Ring trilogy, and Pride and Prejudice. Hey I might even do some laundry while watching tv.

Reading a good book is another favorite thing. Baking seems appropriate on Snowy days. Making a batch of hot chili.

I grew up in the midwest. We would get ice storms. On those days, we would put on our ice skates and skate in the streets.

10:42 AM  

Anonymous Mary Castillo said:

I live in Southern California and it's a frosty (gasp!) 53 degrees outside!

My ideal afternoon is to make a pot of spiced tea and savor it while curled up in my favorite chair to get caught up in a romance novel.

Happy holidays everyone!

Mary C.

10:51 AM  

Blogger Wkkdred69 said:

I so enjoy a snow day, not that we really get any where I'm from, but on the rare occasion that we do, I consider it to be what it is... a reminder to slow down and catch up, on everything, email, sleep... breathing. You may think that last part is a joke, but it's not. When it feels, sometimes, like you're going 24/7/365, a snow day is a great way to be reminded that you need to stop and take care of yourself. Most times when I get this great 'gift' I slip into my most comfy lounge pants, a t-shirt that's about 3 sizes too big for me, and slip a movie in the DVD player, sometimes using the men I see there as inspiration for a character in a new story. As a part time writer, you never know where your next hero is coming from. Snow days also give me a chance to revisit stories uncomplete... either to be reinspired to finish one, or to edit one that's 'nearly done'. So, really, the gift of a snow day is exactly that, a GIFT.

10:52 AM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by today! And big happy holidays! I can't believe Christmas is on Monday!!!! I'm so not ready.

All of your comments are so good, I'm going to have a hard time picking winners (who will be announced during next Friday's blog, BTW).

Ethan Fromme is a great book, Melissa! And it definitely captures that being trapped by the weather feeling. The weather is really a secondary character! It's so sad, though.

Flip, I actually thought about ice skating when we had the last ice storm. We could have done it in the street, for sure!

Mary, you know when I wrote this it was freezing, but today our temps are not far apart! All our snow is melting (see you can't win, I either whine about the snow, or whine about losing it LOL).

Keep those answers coming! Like I said, I'll pick my favorites as winners! :) I'll be back later to read more suggestions!

10:57 AM  

Blogger kkuelor said:

Well, I live in RI and I've been dealing with the snow for two weeks now. Last week we had almost about 12 inches of snow. And let me tell you, when it's snowing and your cold, go outside and shovel. I shoveled for about 3 hours and I was ready to jump in the pile of snow I shoveled to the side. I've lived in RI my whole life and I don't know how I would live without the snow if I ever moved away. It was actually fun. ^-^ My husband and I finished shoveling and he even built a little snowman for the kids and put it on top of a chair. So I guess I'm kinda wierd in that regard. I don't drink hot cocoa (maybe some coffee :D ), I wish I could curl on the couch to read a book, but sadly that only happens when the kids are sleeping.

12:10 PM  

Blogger Dannyfiredragon said:

Hi Jenna,

there only a very very small chance that I would ever get a snow day in my part of Germany. I would go out to build a snow man and have a snowball fight. After that I would curly up with a hot chocolate and a good book to warm up again. Unfortunately it will remain a fantasy, because if we get snow it is never enough to make a snowball.

Happy Holidays

12:48 PM  

Blogger RachelKimbrough said:

I am originally from Alabama, but now live in Virginia Beach because my husband is in the U.S. Navy. I'm sad to say that when it does snow in either of my home states that it rarely even sticks, and I love snow!! I honestly think that people take snow for granted. If it were to snow I can easily picture my husband and I snuggled on the couch wrapped up in a fleece blanket, watching a good movie to get us in the mood;) lol then making love right there in the living room in front of the fire. My husband is on deployment right now and it's been hard, especially through these holidays. I think making memories like that is something to always hold on to and remember to help you through tough times, such as deployments. Memories like that, with the one you love, are priceless. I would love to have a snow day Jenna!!! But only if my husband is there to share it with me.
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

1:39 PM  

Blogger brownone said:

I'm in Florida and its really warm. Like 80 degree warm. They say the high on Christmas Day will be in the 70's but say that every year and then it's either hot or raining. I mean, there are times I actually envy my family up in New York when they say its snowing. There's just something romantic about it.
Actually, I grew up in California and we lived in the Valley. It was beautiful. At winter, we were surrounded by snowcapped mountains. I remember my father taking us up sometimes and my wonder of it all. How could we live just below all that snow and never get one flake flutter down to us?

1:46 PM  

Blogger Helen said:

Hi Jenna
It doesn't snow here in Australia but I would love to have a few days like that I could sit down and catch up on my TBR pile snuggle up with my hubby of 30 years watch some great movies and as for ice skating that is where I met my hubby 35 years ago and I still have my ice skates.
I have read a lot of books thru out the years that have had the hero and heroine snowed in and they are some of my favourites probably because I would love a day or two snowed in it is so hot here in Australia at the moment I would love some cooler weather.
Have a wonderful Chrissy everyone

2:02 PM  

Blogger Nathalie said:

Hi Jenna,

I live in Canada and we have had about a whole meter of snow these past two weeks... snowed in takes a whole different meaning now!

Snow Day... I have had some of those in the past, and I used to study, which is not something I enjoy much! I remember once I just stayed in bed... something I don't do often! That must be the part I like most about not being able to go outside.

I have never read a book with this theme... Can you recommend something, I am sure a book with some guilty pleasures in it would be great to read on a Snow Day!

Happy Holidays to you too :)

PS: Snowed In... has not happened to me ever since I entered college. I am a med student and even if there is a catastrophe, we are bound to go to the hospital... primary care service should always be available, especially in horrible weather... so this December, I have had my time of public transportation (waking up at 5AM to be at the hospital by 8... and ending up always late!!)

3:03 PM  

Blogger Bailey Stewart said:

Oh the memories you have brought me. Although I now live in Texas (where we are at 69 degrees at the moment), I spent the first 8 years of my life in Iowa. Sliding down the hills on cardboard, making snow forts/igloos. But the best was coming back into the house. We lived in a home that had been built in the late 19th century, and before we moved in it had a coal furnace. So there were these large grates on the walls near the floor. In the living room we had a chair caddycorner across the vent. I'd come inside, shed the winter drapings and climb behind that chair, propping my feet on the wall above it. Suddenly, a hand would appear in front of my face as my mother leaned over the chair - handing me a mug of steamy hot chocolate. Not the instant kind, but homemade (this was in the 60s). Laying in bed on Christmas Eve, watching through the window and praying for snow (those who don't live in the North or Midwest don't realize that it doesn't always snow on Christmas Day). Thank you again for the memories, and for the wonderful image of my mother who is no longer with me. Have a Merry Christmas Jenna.

3:47 PM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Oh Bailey, that is so sweet! I'm glad you thought of a nice thought of your mom! :)

All of you have had such great comments and memories of snow days! This is definitely going to be a tough choice for me for winners! I may have to call in my husband (with whom I had one of my nicest snowed in moments a few years ago. We were at my parents house and it had been snowing all day. The tree was on and we sat there in the quiet, watching the snow fall and the Christmas lights).

4:28 PM  

Anonymous Angi said:

I live in northern California, so snow days don't exist for me. I grew up in Ohio though (and lived in Kansas for 4 years with my military hubby). And sometimes I actually miss the snow. Not often, but once in a while LOL.

There is definitely something magical about snow on christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate). I'm feeling especially homesick this year so hearing about snow and snow days has me really missing home. Maybe it's because in the 6 years we've been back in cali I've only been home once. Or maybe it's the fact my kids and neices and nephews are getting older and I feel like I'm missing SOOOOOO much. Or maybe it's missing all the traditions that made my childhood one that had a LOT of crap in it, but also some REALLY great points too.

Christmas Eve at my paternal grandmothers, Christmas Day at my maternal grandparents, surrounded by the people who loved me, and made sure I KNEW they loved me, no matter how badly I'd screwed up. I think of all the things I miss about snowy Ohio, it's walking into those houses out of the cold and feeling the warmth of not only the fires in the fireplaces but the warmth of their love.

I never realized how lucky I was to have all that. Till I Didn't. I still have their love and always will, it's just not as readily accessible anymore.

Cherish the ones you love and who love you back. And make sure the warmth of your love can make even the bleakest snow day worthwhile.

4:32 PM  

Blogger Haven Rich said:

I'm pouting a bit here in Louisiana because it's just now starting to get chilling. Sadly, I don't get cold easily so our A/C is still running.

But your post reminded me of when I was little and growing up in Cali. We were driving through the mountains and it was so pretty and white. Then the strangest thing happened, we drove through a rainbow! The different colors ran over the car and the snow on the ground looked so amazing!

That was the neatest thing in the world!

Anyhow, to answer your question, on the rare occasion that it did give us snow days in Texas, I'd always help my mom with whatever she was doing. Then we'd sit down and watch her soaps (me not being a fan but wanting "mom" time). I don't miss the soaps but I do miss the time together.

4:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I have always lived where snow was part of winter. The last few years snow has been a hit or miss thing here in Idaho (although we always have snow for Christmas) but when our kids were young it was common to have several feet of snow on the ground. I remember once dressing both the kids (in seven layers of clothing that left me feeling like Ralphie’s mom by the time I was done) and sending them out to play. My son made it about 10 feet out from the front steps when he simply disappeared into a snow drift. Just poof! and he was gone. I ran out and pulled him back out of the drift and he was fine but then my daughter just disappeared too. By the time I managed to pull her out of the snow, we were all laughing so hard that we fell down and couldn’t get back up. When we finally managed to get our balance back, the snow sucked off my boot off my foot as I was dragging myself (barefooted) and my soggy children back into the house. Talk about aerobic exercise!

Not a romantic story or a “snow day” one, but thanks for a reminiscence that gave me a giggle.


5:01 PM  

Blogger Manue said:

Hey Jenna,

I live in Québec, Canada so I know what is a snow day all too well! As soon as they are announcing a couple cm/inches of snow you can be sure I'm making sure to stay at home.

During those days I like to catch up in the million books I buy but I never really have time to read since I was in school doing homework. Like right now it's my holidays and I'm back home with nothing to do and I brought with me like 20 books, my goal is to read about one per day. I also like to get under my covers in my bed and watch dvds. If I had a boyfriend I would make sure to get some cuddle time with him, but since I don't, I cuddle my books =)

Since it's Christmas season I also like to listen to some music to get in the vibe of it as if all the snow outside wasn't helping!

Hope you have a great Christmas even if your snow is melting... I could send you a couple tons of ours if you want. ;o)

5:03 PM  

Anonymous Melissa Parks said:

I live in SC, so as you can probably imagine, snow is a rarity. Recently we have been having some nice weather, like 60s, 70s and 80s. It has just now gotten a bit colder...and I am happy about that! I grew up in VA so I am quite used to snow and miss it dearly!

My favorite snow memory is the second year after I moved to SC, it snowed and not just a little snow that didn't stick, but real snow. My hubby and I spent the day in the yard playing and making snowmen and taking pictures (because it was after all, my first official SC snow!) Then later, we spent the night snuggled up because the electricity was out and there was no heat. We just cuddled up to each other and talked and made out like teenagers! Then of course, came the romance novel bit of it, but I won't go into details!! Ah, thanks for the's not snowing here, but maybe I can go relive that romance novel part anyway!!

Have a Merry Christmas!!

5:34 PM  

Anonymous Melissa Parks said:

I live in SC, so as you can probably imagine, snow is a rarity. Recently we have been having some nice weather, like 60s, 70s and 80s. It has just now gotten a bit colder...and I am happy about that! I grew up in VA so I am quite used to snow and miss it dearly!

My favorite snow memory is the second year after I moved to SC, it snowed and not just a little snow that didn't stick, but real snow. My hubby and I spent the day in the yard playing and making snowmen and taking pictures (because it was after all, my first official SC snow!) Then later, we spent the night snuggled up because the electricity was out and there was no heat. We just cuddled up to each other and talked and made out like teenagers! Then of course, came the romance novel bit of it, but I won't go into details!! Ah, thanks for the's not snowing here, but maybe I can go relive that romance novel part anyway!!

Have a Merry Christmas!!


5:36 PM  

Blogger Stacy S said:

We've only had one day with snow so far. My favorite thing would be spending time with my dh, drinking hot chocolate. Or watching my son play outside in the snow.

I haven't read a book with this theme in it.

Hope you have a great holiday.

9:58 PM  

Blogger Katie Bug said:

I live in Florida where we don't get snow days. I did when I lived in Idaho. I only lived a few blocks from school so I never could say I was snowed in. Why couldn't we live further in the country?? lol

When I went to college in Oregon did get a few snow days. Sadly, I found out after I made the long treck to school.

I do remember one Christmas in Elko with my dads family. My aunt made homemade chicken noodle soup. You know the kind with the thick noodles and all those vegetables? My cousins and I would get bundled up and play out side for about 15 or 20 minutes and come running back inside for the soup.

Now in Florida, we have the heat still. I keep going back and forth between the heater an air conditioner. Last year I wore shorts. It doesn't feel like Christmas here. If it wasn't for the Christmas lights, you wouldn't know.


11:27 PM  

Blogger Carol Burge said:

I'm in Michigan, so I know all about the cold. Brrr!

We got hit with a snow storm last Tuesday (I think), and that morning I had the hardest time getting out of bed - it was just so warm and cozy. Perfect for snuggling.

When the DH went to get up, I couldn't help but tempt him to stay in bed just a lttle longer.

Me(grabbing him by the arm): Where you going?
DH: It's time to get up.
Me It's sooo nice warm and cozy. Why don't you stay in bad a little longer?
DH (After doing a double-take): Well, alrigt...

LOL. Don't have to ask him twice!

Happy Holidays!

2:13 AM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Thanks again for coming by everyone! Feel free to keep commenting and be sure to check back next week to see who the two winners are! I'll be blogging about New Year's!

9:19 AM  

Anonymous Krisii1 said:

This was great, It is so wonderful to look at the possitive side of the ice and snow

1:54 PM  

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