I abhor Christmas music.
by Kristin Billerbeck

Isn't that a horrible thing to admit?

The cheery, bland melodies make me want to vomit, by say...Thanksgiving.

I'm sure my loathing for something so utterly uplifting comes from my days as a shopping mall marketing director.  Hiring the perfect Santa, getting the decorations put up, arranging for carolers and mall Christmas entertainment -- really, it's all enough to give you an aversion to the holiday.  Add in piped Musak Christmas carolers in all these extra hours and let's just say, I feel justified.

I started bringing in local musicians to our local mall about 15 years ago and do you know my son's junior high friend bawled me out because he hates playing his intrument in the mall for Christmas?

And my son told him I'm the one who got him the gig.

Seriously, though, I love Christmas.  I love seeing my family and the kids on Christmas morning.  I love the traditions of turkey and ham and family movie night together, huddled around the fireplace and the TV.

I love that this year my family made the decision to get a puppy rather than lots of useless gifts. I love peppermint mochas from Starbucks.  I just don't love the Christmas music.

Merry Christmas!!!

Kristin Billerbeck writes chick lit for Avon Inspire.  Her latest book, THE TROPHY WIVES CLUB is available now.

She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband and four children and soon...a new Yorkie/Pom puppy.