One of the fun things about our e-book program is that it lets us revisit some books that might have fallen off our radar screens.

If you ever go to and click on NEW RELEASES, you'll see a long list of books listed over and over again...those are e-books. Why is the list so repetitive? Because each e-book format that's available for sale is listed separately.

This month, we have one of my favorite books coming out as an e-book. It's Elizabeth Bevarly's JUST LIKE A MAN, first published in 2004. Elizabeth wrote a number of Avon contemporaries around that time, and I adored all of them.

In many ways, the attitude found in her books was a little bit ahead of her time.

I sometimes joke that when I was an editor at a different company (here will be nameless), I worked on a lot of books where the heroine was a florist, the hero a cowboy, and they were brought together by some sort of hijinx that usually involved klutziness on her part.

But Elizabeth's books were always different. They had humor, to be sure, but these weren't "gee-whiz" romantic comedies. True, some of their situations were larger than life--in JUST LIKE A MAN, the hero is a spy, of all things, with a son in boarding school. These are romances after all, and we want some fun, but her heroes and heroines had then the sort of edge we see much more of now.

Take a look at some of our e-books--there are gems there!
And inexpensive, too...


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I will definitely check out your ebook program.

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