cover, ONE NIGHT WITH YOU by Sophie Jordan
New Beginnings...
(by Sophie Jordan)

I debated what I should talk about today – blog writing doesn't usually come easy to me because the pesky neurotic writer in me tends to overthink things.

I thought I could talk about my new book, ONE NIGHT WITH YOU. Then, I thought I could be more personal and share all my New Year “news”...all my many blessings. Like a husband who works from home now. Yes, this is actually a blessing!

We truly don't mind seeing lots of each other and his working from home allows me to write more and do things like go to the gym, store, Starbucks (very important!), meet with writing friends/groups, et cetera, all while he keeps an eye on the kids.

We even have a lovely new home that's big enough to keep us from crawling over each other! I have four long-awaited books releasing in 2008 and, thanks to my editor's enthusiastic support (Hi, May!), I've signed to write three more books for Avon. Yay!

Right now, I'm beginning a new book and there's nothing quite as thrilling as starting a new book. It's like that period of time when you first meet and fall in love with someone.

Perhaps my biggest news of all is my new baby boy. I'm so lucky to enjoy all the many “firsts” with him this year. He's such a sweet-patient-sleeps-through-the-night-easy-going baby. And his big sister is as delighted as I am with him. I'm not sure I've ever faced a year so full of joy and possibilities.

My new book, ONE NIGHT WITH YOU, also focuses on new beginnings, on two people starting all over again after years that were less than idyllic. The hero and heroine have both endured and survived. After all their trials, they finally come together again. Sigh.

I love stories like that. I guess that's why I wrote ONE NIGHT WITH YOU--a story about new beginnings for two people with no reason to hope for happiness...especially with each other.

So, here's to new beginnings in 2008--both real-life and those found on the pages of the books we love! What about you? Anyone else have anything brightening the landscape of 2008?

Best to all,



Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi Sophie. I loved your book and cant wait for a new one from you. Can you give us any hints? Im sure its going to be very good. Is your son your first boy? I wish I had boys, I just have 3 girls. All wonderful but I like to mix the lot up.LOL..

Michele Gardner

12:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi, Michelle,

The next book is Astrid's - SURRENDER TO ME. Naturally, it has a lot to do with new beginnings, too. I think of it as my "redemption" themed book becuase it's Astrid's (from TOO WICKED TO TAME) story and she has a lot to account for in her past. And her hero is just perfect for her!

And yes, my baby is my first boy, and I can tell you he is rapidly ridding my of all my fears/stereotypes about boys! He's such a little angel. But my eldest child is a girl and I would have loved to have another one just like her, too. Girls are so special/fun. I'm sure you enjoy your three.


12:27 PM  

Blogger Helen said:

Sophie your family sounds wonderful children are just the best I have 2 grandchildren now and I love spending time with them they are so much fun.
I have your book here and am really looking forward to starting it I got 5 new releases at the same time and it is very hard to decide which one to read first so I put them all on the table close my eyes shuffle them and pick one if only I didn't have to work then I would have more time to read.
Have Fun

2:02 PM  

Blogger flchen1 said:

Sophie, what a wonderful year this is going to be for you and your family! :) Congrats on your newest release and on your little guy! He sounds dreamy! (Since my little ones didn't start sleeping through until much later, I'm a bit envious ;)) And it's lovely to have both! Glad you're enjoying them! (I was the opposite--had a boy first, and was terrified when we found out our second was a girl. She's a hoot though, and we wouldn't change thing now ;)) Best wishes! (Can't wait to read your books! Just got an Amazon GC so...)

5:52 PM  

Blogger Tracey Devlyn said:

Congratulations on your new release! This is the first time I've seen your cover and, I must say, it's striking. It reminds me of a rippling waterfall (even though it's green!).

It sounds like you have a great year in front of you! Can you share with us how it came about that you have FOUR books coming out in one year? Are a few of them books that were hidden under your bed?

Being an aspiring Avon author, I'm curious about these (weird) things!


7:21 PM  

Blogger Isabel said:

Hi Sophie, :)

Congrats, once again on your baby! I dream of the blessed day when I hope to have my own.

Also big congrats on ONWY if it hadn't been for the daytime gig I would have read Jane and Seth's story in one sitting. Instead I read it over two nights. :) What an amazing, heartrending story that was. I enjoyed every moment and was delighted when Seth and Jane got their much deserved HEA.

Now I wait (im)patiently for Astrid's book. *G*

Kudos once again on the cover it is beautiful.

8:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks for commenting, everyone. I really love my cover, too. Avon has given me the most awesome covers. Wait until you see the next one - it's beautiful!

Tracey, I'm actually contracted with Avon (where I write historical romances) and Pocket (where I write contemporary paranormals). I'm so fortunate to have two publishers that believe in my books. It definitely keeps me busy. You can learn more about all my books at my website:
Good luck on getting published!

Isabel, I'm so glad you loved ONWY. I can't wait for Astrid's book to come out, too!


9:45 PM  

Blogger Tricia said:

Sounds like a great way to start the new year!

You really are blessed.
And not least of all because you can stand having the hub home with you ;) hee

10:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

O thats great. I cant wait to read it. Yeah Astrid has alot to atone for I guess.LOL.. I just cant wait. It will be wonderful.

Yeah girls are fun. They love to dress up and play with makeup and all that stuff. I really wanted a boy for my husbands sake. He is surround by nothing but women.hahah.

Michele G

9:08 AM  

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