After weeks of warm weather, New York City is finally beginning to feel like Fall. Well, only a little as 68 degrees is still above normal for this time of the year!

But as the temperature slowly begins to drop and the daylight hours get shorter, there's very little I enjoy more than spending an evening curled up on the couch in comfortable jammies reading an old favorite book.

Though there are tons of new books I want to read--and not enough free time in the day to enjoy them all!--I find it difficult to resist the allure of my own little romance library. These are the careworn books that I return to time after time, the ones that first introduced me to my love of romance novels.

I recently revisited Jude Deveraux's REMEMBRANCE. I was telling my husband last week (who is most adamantly not a reader, let alone a romance reader) about the plot and needless to say he was quite incredulous that anyone would be able to immerse herself in such a crazy premise.

For those who haven't had the immense pleasure, this is a time-travel book about cursed soul mates who, through centuries, are doomed to love each other again and again yet the relationship always ends very badly. The modern-day heroine has to go back in time to figure out how to end the curse and live happily ever after.

So, spurred on by Dear Husband's eye roll, I read REMEMBRANCE for probably the tenth time and, I'm pleased to say, I still find this book to be incredibly sigh-worthy.

What romance books do you read over and over? REMEMBRANCE makes me feel weepy and emotional--what do you look for in a romance novel? What makes something sigh-worthy to you?


Blogger BethRe said:

I re read Elizabeth Lowells westerns I love those books can't get enough. I tear up at the same places but I still re read them

1:37 PM  

Blogger rugosa said:

I reread Diana Gabaldon, especially the Outlander series. She makes the world's so real that I feel that I am there.

4:56 PM  

Blogger Erika said:

Julie Garwood's historicals. I'm so glad she's back to writing them again.

6:00 PM  

Blogger Pam said:

I find myself reading older Krentz or Garwood books for comfort reads, along with a few alltime favorites I read long ago.

8:24 PM  

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