This is incredibly exciting! The fact is, I've only blogged a few other times, so it's really fun to be here!

Vivi Anna's blog got me to thinking about favorites, so I thought I'd talk a little about one of my favorite things: makeovers.

Have any of you ever had a makeover? I love watching makeovers, especially on Oprah's TV show. Last year, I watched a Tyra Banks show on makeover tips. And you know what? Tyra Banks looks like anyone else sans makeup. I've had two in my life--one at a department store, where I live, and one at Saks in New York...

Guess which one I liked the most? Yes, the local one. The one at Saks was just so-so and I did dash back to the hotel to scrub away the eye shadow and lipstick. But I did find a compact powder that I love to death.

Even if you hate the end result, it's just plain fun. If you're like me, the worst thing about it is walking out the door without a shred of makeup on my face and into a crowded mall--I don't even go to the mailbox without makeup!

And Sephora...I love browsing their site. I love the little samples you get when you order on-line. But put me inside a Sephora store and . . . well, let's just say my other half winces and tries his best to steer me in the opposite direction.

A futile effort, of course.

While I’m talking about makeovers, I have some wonderful news to share. One of my earlier books, ONE MOONLIT NIGHT, is getting a makeover! ONE MOONLIT NIGHT will be reissued next spring, in June 08. The content will be the same but it will feature a brand new cover.

ONE MOONLIT NIGHT is a tale of family loyalties, of forbidden love and gypsy curses. Hero Dominic St. Bride has been the object of scorn all his life, filled with distrust because of his half-gypsy heritage, suspended between two worlds.

Heroine Olivia Sherwood has good reason to despise gypsies--her father was murdered by one. Fallen upon hard times, she finds herself working in Dominic’s household. Sparks fly as these two struggle to overcome their own prejudice and pride.

I hope you'll watch for ONE MOONLIT NIGHT when it goes on sale next June. I haven't seen the new look yet, but I'm sure it will be every bit as dazzling as the covers from the McBride family series.

I must sign off now...The doorbell is ringing...I'm sure it's the mail carrier delivering my latest order from Sephora...


Samantha James