I love the month of October.

Fall is in.

The leaves are turning pretty colors, and, of course, Halloween comes. I love the spooky day.

And then there's must-see fall TV.

Lots of new shows coming on and old favorites like SUPERNATURAL (go Sam and Dean, you sexy boys you) and AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL (Heather, I'm cheering for you!).

By the most part, I'm not much of TV watcher. I haven't gotten hooked on HEROES, or GREY'S ANATOMY. I don't watch DANCING WITH THE STARS or THE BIGGEST LOSER.

There have been a couple new shows that have piqued my interest. GOSSIP GIRL, based on the books by Cecily von Ziegesar, has totally won me over. I'm loving the vibe of the show. The young actors and actresses are doing a great job.

Is it wrong for a woman my age to relate to that? Hmm, I guess I haven't grown up much.

The other show I think I'm going to dig is MOONLIGHT. I liked the pilot episode. I'm loving the main character Mick St. John and the actor playing him. Not drop dread gorgeous but very very alluring. He could bite me on the neck or anywhere he'd like to, thank you very much.

The one show I was anticipating, the BIONIC WOMAN, hasn’t so far impressed me much. The only reason I wanted to watch it was because of one of my favorite actresses Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, thee greatest show ever on television) is playing the baddie on the show. So I only want to watch the episodes she's on. I hope it satisfies my action gene that is fully ingrained in me. I love me some action TV and movies.

I love to write action too. My story QUICK SILVER in the ALLURING TALES anthology is all about action. The follow-up to that story SILVER WATERS which will be in the next anthology, ALLURING TALES II, middle part of 2008, has lots of action, too. Both in and out of the bed. Can't wait for that one to come out.

Are you loving the new shows coming out this year? How about old favorites? What are you watching?

Vivi Anna


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Delilah Devlin says...

Blogger hates me, so I'm anonymous here!

Hi Vivi!!

I don't have much time to watch TV either, but I have some shows I'm very loyal to.

I still watch the Angel and Buffy reruns. I TIVO them and get my weekly fix, watching two or three episodes at a time.

I ADORED Dresden Files, but I won't go there. Still mad as hell they cancelled!

I also TOTALLY ADORE Eureka. Carter is just too funny and the town's quirks have captured me.

I watched Pushing Daisies this week, and I think I'll watch it again. Kewl as hell concept. I love the over-the-top storyline and colors of the wardrobe and settings. The heroine he woke up from the dead is the French girl from Timeline--one of my favorite movies (okay, anything with Gerry is a favorite of mine).

I do watch the occasional Grey's Anatomy, but sometimes I want to spank them they're so screwed up.

I keep my mom company when she wants to watch Dancing With The Stars, but would otherwise skip it.

And of course, the only other TV watching I do is looking from ghost/devil/Banned from the Bible documentaries on the History Channel--just to add to my already huge idea file.

And I've just written more words than I have on my WIP today. Bad writer me! But I couldn't resist coming by to say hello!!

1:12 PM  

Blogger Cathryn Fox said:

I've been hearing a lot about Pushing Daisies. I haven't caught it yet, but plan too. Other than that I really love America's next top model, and I LOVE Hell's Kitchen.

1:24 PM  

Blogger Myla Jackson said:

I'd love to spend more time watching TV, but I have books to write! Argh! My faves so far are Eureka, Stargate Atlantis and I was hooked on Kyle XY until its season finale. Is Dancing with the Stars back? Sheesh, can't miss that one. Love to watch that. And can't wait for the next season of American Idol!

Now, back to my writing. I have to beat my sister, Delilah Devlin, at timed writing today. She'll wipe the floor with me if I let her. Can't have that. I outgrew her beating me up a long time ago....

3:01 PM  

Blogger Delilah Devlin said:

Myla! You only outgrew me beating you up because I got tired of how easy it was!!!! :)

3:32 PM  

Blogger stephanieb said:

Hey Vivi! I'm really enjoying Moonlight too...I love his voice!! And Delilah...I so watch Angel every morning before work!!And I've been taping Buffy too...I really love the season with her and Spike!!

9:36 PM  

Blogger Erin the Innocent said:

I don't watch a whole lot of grown up tv now. *g* Of course now that I'm nannying I get a few kids shows in LOL

I really liked the first Moonlight episode so that's the show I'm going to try to remember to watch lol.

Any other TV I watch is pretty much shows on the food channel, What Not To Wear, and So You Think You Can Dance whenever it starts up again. LOL

11:41 PM  

Blogger Vivi Anna said:

Erin, I catch What Not to Wear every now and then. If it's on and I'm surfing that's usually what I end up watching. Stacy is such a beyotch, I just love her.

11:44 AM  

Blogger Sandra Barkevich said:

Oh! Moonlight! *Sigh* Mick St John is at the top of my favorite romance hero list. Just watch his "interview" on yahoo TV. He makes my heart pitter patter. ;-) The show itself was just ok for me. But, I'll continue to watch just to see Mick.

I DVR most shows this season so I can write. There are too many good ones. I loved the first Reaper. Chuck is fun. I am a total Heroes fan and Life is drawing me in. And, of course, Stargate Atlantis...Gah! There are way too many this season. Any other time, I don't even turn a TV on in my house. Thank goodness for DVR!

Ok, got a book to write. I never thought it would be so much fun to get inside a serial-killer's head. My poor H/h are in for it! Muah-ha-ha-ha Muah-ha-ha-ha!

Sandy ;-)
Sandra Barkevich - Romance Author
*October at Sandra's Goings On – CONTEST! Check out the fabulous Prizes donated by some truly amazing authors!

1:43 PM  

Blogger Kimberly Kaye Terry said:

Vivi, you totally made me cry last week when you told me you weren't diggin' Bionic Woman. Damn it! I tried to watch it, but your doggone rant kept echoing in my mind. You brat :-P

Cat, I caught the first episode of Pushing Daisey's and found the dialogue so different, I really liked it. I will probably try and make a concentrated effort and watch the show, it is refreshingly different enough for me to make the effort. The only shows I try and watch with a rabid fangirl love is Ugly Betty and Heroes. Other than that, I catch my beloved crime shows as much as I can.


3:37 PM  

Blogger Vivi Anna said:

Oh, I finally watched Pushing Daisies. I LOVED it. I'm going to try and watch it every week. It's so different and original. Almost, but better, Twin Peak like.

3:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

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