Hi there! Here's the conclusion of my "Put Your Heart In A Book" blog. (scroll or click for Part One)

Lunch at the New Jersey conference was lovely. Sherrilyn Kenyon talked about her journey as a published author--from the depths of rejection to the heights of superstardom. She was really inspiring--and in her stocking feet, which I thought was really cute.

My workshop, "Shaken and Stirred: Writing the Emotional Love Scene" was filled to capacity. I was thrilled when someone asked if they could open up the doors so those who couldn't fit in the room (fire regulations, you see) could listen from outside!

I had a great crowd and everyone laughed when they were supposed to. Yay me. I also heard that Elizabeth Boyle did an amazing job with her synopsis workshop.

The literacy signing was fabulous. LOTS of readers, which was fabulous. Of course, Julia Quinn and Sherrilyn had the longest lines, but the rest of us had our share of fans as well.

I sold out of BE MINE TONIGHT !

I didn't get a chance to talk to many of the other Avon authors, but Sophia Nash and I managed to wave a few times--and Eloisa James had a lovely, very friendly companion with her! I also got a chance to speak to editor Lyssa Keusch, who is just as nice and sweet as I've always suspected.

So everything is winding down. As I type this, my husband and I are getting ready to go downstairs to the end of conference party. Then, I think a trip to the hot tub is in order. Tomorrow I'm going to attend the bookseller luncheon and I want to look fresh and rested.

I've had a wonderful time at this conference. In fact, I think NJRW has to put on the best "small' conference I've ever attended. They are soooo good to their speakers! I'm sad to leave my suite behind but not sad to retire the ridiculously high-heeled boots I wore this afternoon.

This leads me to ask those of you who have attended conferences, especially writing ones, what is your favorite aspect of a conference? If you haven't attended such a gathering, what kinds of situations/scenarios would you look forward to?

I love the social connection, getting to see old friends and make new ones. Of course, meeting readers is the best. Thanks for letting me share my weekend of feeling like a minor celebrity!

Kathryn Smith


Blogger JennaPetersen said:

I love seeing friends and readers the most, I think. Though there's always at least one workshop that gives me an 'a-ha' moment. Sorry I missed Jersey this year. :( Maybe next year...

8:26 AM  

Blogger Elizabeth Boyle said:

Isn't Lyssa fabulous? She's the best editor a writer could ask for! (Not that all the editors at Avon aren't nice :) )

And it was so great to see so many cool folks--Sophia Nash and Julia Quinn. Julia and I joked that we see more of each other at conferences than we do living in the same city. I also like meeting people who are so enthusiastic about writing. Fun weekend and a great conference!

Thanks for the reports, Kathryn!

9:45 AM  

Blogger Erika said:

Sounds like a fun conference, as usual. Glad y'all had a great time! And thanks, Kate, for giving us an insider's look.

11:15 AM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

You better be there next year, Petersen! :-)

I love meeting new people and seeing old friends. Gives me a warm fuzzy.

And Erika, you're still my favorite, even though Lyssa acts as personal driver for her writers when they need one. ;-)

I forgot to mention that I met JulieQ's two lovely companions as well -- both of whom had skin I would die to possess. Beautiful ladies.

And the bookseller's luncheon was great. I had a fabulous table with Kenny from NJ, Rebecca from PA and Corina from PA. Corina had her sister with her who was SUCH a doll, and a huge lover of romance.

12:09 PM  

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