Ok, maybe this is impolitic of me, and you could also say I'm advertising for the competition, but can I just say that a highpoint every month is checking out the Harlequin series book titles?

I can't help picking out my favorite every month. But just when I think I've settled on MILLIONAIRE'S CALCULATED BABY BID and THE MEDITERRANEAN BILLIONAIRE'S SECRET BABY as a favorite, I'm faced with THE GREEK TYCOON'S VIRGIN WIFE. They're so much fun!

Here's THE MILLIONAIRE himself, faced with the prospect of his baby bid.

I figure I can joke about this because I was the Senior Editor of Silhouette Desire for many years. I know it's not easy writing category romance and it's a genre I still love. And hey, who can argue with the appeal of a millionaire (or billionaire!)?

You know you love these, too!