One of the most common questions for a writer is “Where do you get your ideas?” or “What inspires you?”

Personally, I find this question both the easiest thing to answer--and the hardest--because my true answers are not that romantic or inspirational.

My ideas come from everywhere and anywhere. I've been a bartender/waitress for 19 years, so I can vouch for the "it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round'" saying. It's definitely true and all kinds walk into a restaurant or bar on a regular basis. So...real people inspire me.

Life also inspires me; the things I see on the streets, in the mall, or read about in the news. Being able to pay my bills at the end of each month inspires me to plant my butt in the chair and get my fingers dancing across the keyboard, even when it's the last thing in the world I really want to do.

It's not romantic, but it's true.

Another not so nice thing that inspires and motivates me...other people's success. Yup, I covet their successes. I look at them and I think, man I need to work harder, or be more imaginative. I'm not just talking about other writers either. Stupid reality shows like AMERICAN IDOL or THE BIGGEST LOSER can be very inspirational and motivational to me. In my health and in my work.

Music is awesome for inspiration, too.

Pink’s MOST GIRLS was one that I listened to a lot when writing TEMPTING GRACE my story for the ALLURING TALES anthology.

Strangely, even though I’ve always like Eminem’s music, I didn’t particularly enjoy the movie 8 MILE, but the song, LOSE YOURSELF...

...very inspirational!

Another great one is Bon Jovi's IT'S MY LIFE

But the biggest truth all comes from within. The story ideas, the inspiration, they come from within a writer.

My dreams, my desires, my fears, and my foibles--they all go into every story I write. And that is why it's a hard question to answer. To truly acknowledge that I put so much of myself into every story, even the ones that I know aren't makes me vulnerable, and no one likeS to be vulnerable. But I also think that's how to write a story that will touch readers because we all have hopes, dreams, desires, and foibles.

What do you think? What inspires you? What makes you keep doing what you do?

Sasha White


Blogger Stacy S said:

My family inspires me. They are the greatest. I love listening to music. It can put you in a great mood.

11:20 AM  

Blogger CrystalG said:

Family and friends, nature, music.

1:25 PM  

Blogger Allison said:

Most recently I was caught by the image of an older couple holding hands as they walked leisurely through the store. I thought it was lovely and had me hoping to be like that someday. And when my actions result in another's postive reaction(s) that's a great feeling inside. Sources of inspiration ARE everywhere within and without - thanks Sasha for your openness in sharing what inspires you/your writing. I enjoy connecting to your characters/story that you make so real.

1:51 PM  

Blogger blackroze37 said:

my children
they are so sweet, adorable, brats

2:55 PM  

Blogger bamabelle said:

The people in my life inspire me. Music and poetry inspire me a lot. Movies and books can be inspirational. I think inspiration can come from anywhere if you are open to receiving it. :)

I love American Idol and find the contestents journey inspiring to follow my own dreams. Those dreams are not to sing though, because that would be wrong on so many levels lol. If you could hear me sing, you'd understand. :)

2:57 PM  

Blogger blackroze37 said:

o got your blog on myspace

2:58 PM  

Blogger Cathy said:

My family definitely inspires me and music helps unclog my brain and lift my spirits.

4:01 PM  

Blogger Wendy said:

Everything expires me - my family, friends, music, movies, the environment, complete strangers, etc. I think you can find inspiration practically anywhere. :)

4:48 PM  

Blogger Sasha White said:

Stacy and Crystal. Family is a great inspiration. I have to admit, my family doesn't so much as inspire me, as support me in all the dreams that I chase.

Allison, I know exactly what you mean. I love seeing old couples together. :) and thank you so much for the kind words abtou my stories.

BklkRoze. Brats huh? LOL Well, if they have to be brats, adorable is the best kind. *wink*

Bamabelle, Now I want to hear you sing. If I baught you a drink would you sing for me?

Cathy and Wendy... Sounds like we're on the same wavelength!

5:13 PM  

Blogger Sue A. said:

I'm inspired by everything that moves me emotionally, friends and family having the biggest affect on me. But I'm also inspired by books, TV and music. And lets not forget the internet. Blog posts like this get me thinking!

Sasha you're an inspiration!

6:04 PM  

Blogger Sasha White said:

Awww, thanks Sue!!

6:13 PM  

Blogger Jean said:

As you've discussed, lots of things inspire me for writing ideas. Making the next step to the story is the trick.

But you're asking why I keep writing? It's something I've done since junior high. Not continuously. I've taken long hiatuses from regular writing, but I'm always drawn back to capturing ideas on paper (pixels).

7:46 PM  

Blogger Sasha White said:

Jean, as long as your drawn to it, don't give up. :)

8:03 PM  

Blogger Pam said:

Music inspires me most I think - either put me in the mood for something or change the mood I'm currently in. Sometimes I'll listen to songs to go along with the way I'm feeling, sometimes I'll play the opposite to get me out of a funk, lol. Sure helps to get me unangry the few times that happens.

8:22 PM  

Blogger readingissomuchfun said:

Hey Sasha,

What a great post. Even though you said your inspiration isn't romantic or inspirational I think it's great. As long as it helps you to stay doing what you do I am glad. I love your writing and I am very happy you became a writer keep up the good work hun and I will keep reading your books.

My fiance, family & friends inspire me. Another thing is when I was younger I use to have people tell me oh you will never do anything you will always be a quitter. I keep that in my head and never listen though. I prove them wrong.


8:36 PM  

Blogger blessedheart said:

Music, my husband, my daughters, and just being outside on a sunny day.

Rhonda :-)

8:44 PM  

Blogger bamabelle said:


You said:
Bamabelle, Now I want to hear you sing. If I baught you a drink would you sing for me?

Most likely I would lol, and bless your poor little ears if I did. I imagine I sound like a cross between a donkey giving birth and a wet cat. It's not for the faint of heart. I think you'd need a drink first too lol.

9:06 PM  

Blogger raspberry swyrl said:

What I love about music is certain songs will always invoke certain memories and suddenly you're there, whether it be a bittersweet memory or a stupid happy fun memory, or it just reminds you of a long lost friend....

11:34 PM  

Blogger Laurie D. said:

My family lends support and inspiration to everything I do. Luckily, my daughters (17 and 22) have never been like so many other kids who don't want to be seen with their parents. We have fun together, even if they do roll their eyes at us sometimes!

11:40 PM  

Blogger Sasha White said:

Pam, will you email me using the contact button on my website ( ) to collect a copy of TROUBLE.

Hi Linda! thank you so much for the kind wods. I really appreciate your support.

Bamabelle. I could have a drink, too. That would be okay. *grin*

Thank You every for the comments. I forgot to say how much readers inspire me too. You guys keep me going!

11:33 AM  

Blogger Daun Ann said:

Sometimes it's hard for me to be inspired. I suffer from major depression and seasonal affective disorder. But my heathen's (3 girls ranging from 8-16) inspire me quite a bit. When I start to get 'down' I where my 'daughters' braclet (has their names on it). That helps me stay focused. Family, music, books, school and some tv shows inspire me.

1:00 AM  

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