As a Christian, one of my pet peeves is how some have hijacked the faith to suit their needs/belief system.  Perhaps it's women not working outside the home: maybe it's controlling men emotionally abusing and calling it "submission".

Whatever the cultural issue, it has little to do with the Gospel and I, for one, want my faith back. That's one of the reasons I wrote THE TROPHY WIVES CLUB for Avon Inspire. Not familiar with the line?  It's romance with an inspirational message.

Ah, sermons in my books, you say, "No thanks."  But no, that's not it at all.

All romance contains the universal theme of unconditional love and these books are no different--except they focus on the emotions within, rather than the bedroom scenes.  But you won't miss those.

THE TROPHY WIVES CLUB is a fun little chick lit about Christians gone bad.  Well, according to some, anyway.  To me, everyone's a hypocrite.  Some of us are just more honest about it than others.

Kristin Billerbeck