Typical? What's Typical?

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she made a comment regarding my new book, DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY, that really made me think. It was the observation that the heroine, Nicki Styx, was not the “typical” romantic heroine and how the story itself was not a “typical” romance.

She actually meant it as a compliment. It was her way of congratulating me for going “outside the box” with my writing, but I couldn’t help but consider how completely wrong she was.

Yes, Nicki Styx is a free spirit; a spunky, independent, former Goth girl with a preference for black lipstick and a zest for life. She's never been the shy and retiring type, yet her new love interest, Dr. Joe Bascombe, quite literally had to use electric shocks to get her attention. Nicki wakes up in the hospital after suffering a near fatal heart stoppage to discover both the man of her dreams and the makings of a nightmare--she can now see and hear the dead...and boy, do they want to be heard!

When a friend is murdered, the friend's restless spirit seeks Nicki's help, pulling her into the dark underworld of Voodoo, and complicating an already complicated burgeoning relationship with her hunky new doctor. Being a “dead chick magnet” isn't easy--Nicki had plans for her life, and they never included becoming an unwilling “ghoulfriend” to the dead.

While I might agree that Nicki's situation isn't typical, I believe that Nicki Styx is indeed your typical romantic heroine. She's a strong, independent woman who faces her issues head-on, laughs when it would be easier to cry, does her best to do the right thing even when it's not the easiest thing to do, and who wants, at heart, what most women want--a man who loves her no matter what. A man she can count on not to flinch in face of hardship, or even death, if it comes to that. A man who sees her flaws, knows her secrets, and wants to be with her anyway.

Not your typical romantic heroine? Not your typical romance? In DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY, Nicki Styx wants to live her life with passion and she wants to live it with the man she loves by her side. Even if there's no white picket fence involved, she wants the love-at-first-sight butterflies in the stomach, the “you can depend on me” in the here-and-the-now, and the promise of a happily-ever-after.

And that, with all due respect to my well-meaning friend, makes her pretty darn typical, don't you think?

Terri Garey


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Whether Nikki is typical or not, she's awesome. I read Dead Girls this weekend and it was so wonderful. I got the heebie jeebies several times and nearly laughed my head off. I want more of Nikki and Joe stat!!


9:49 AM  

Blogger Leslie Dicken said:

I just picked up the last copy of DEAD GIRLS at my Waldenbooks. I can't wait to read it. I think there is no stereotypical heroine. Don't we all want to be loved, needed, cherished, and happy?

10:15 AM  

Blogger Anna Sugden said:

She may be typical, but the way you've written her gives us so much more. I absolutely adore Nicki (and not just her cool vintage clothing and shoes), the way she tackles life ... and death ..., her good side and her flaws.

Joe is pretty sexy too *grin*

Can't for the next Nicki book!

10:17 AM  

Blogger Betty Hanawa said:

It's weird how many people think a romance novel's happily-ever-after depends on getting a hunky man.

In "Dead Ghouls Are Easy," Nicki experiences the denial and scary parts of her new found "talent." Adjusting her life to this "talent" and her new "friends" and acceptance of it all gives her the emotional strength to enjoy her life's "happily-ever-after."

Joe is the very yummy icing on the cake of Nicki's life.

10:37 AM  

Blogger Anne-Marie said:

You've done a great job in creating a heroine that every woman can identify with or at least wants to become her. (Heck, look at the yummy hero you've created in Joe) She's sassy, witty with a charm that won't allow you to put the book down. It's a scream and laugh out loud book. Great job.

11:16 AM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

Terri, I haven't read DGAE yet, but I cannot wait. It's calling from my TBR pile. As long as I get a possibility of happily ever after I'm tickled pink. :-)

11:27 AM  

Blogger Mona Risk said:

I haven't read DGAE yet but I heard so many goods things about it from so many people I can't wait to buy it and enjoy a good evening with Terri Garey's writing.


11:39 AM  

Blogger C.L. Wilson said:

Holy cow! I just got my copy yesterday and made the mistake of starting it right before bedtime. Then I couldn't put it down. The pages practically turned themselves...and if it were't for work, I'd still be reading this morning.

Terri's writing style is swift and snappy - and she draws you in so quickly, that when you mean to read for just a few minutes the next thing you know hours have passed.

Great read. Fresh, fabulous voice. Terri Garey is terrific - and I'm a Nikki Styx fan for life!

11:46 AM  

Blogger nicole_etc said:

See, I read romance for the promise of a happily-ever-after. I've read great books without it, but I have to imagine everything turning out right for the hero and heroine to really make my peace with the story.

So maybe Nicki's situation isn't something we'd've seen a decade ago, and maybe she's not the same type of woman my mother would have grown up reading...She's a product of her times (and an awesome, awesome writer *g*) and she wants a happily-ever-after to suit her life. Sounds pretty typical to me, too.

Also sounds like precisely the sort of read I want on my keeper shelf.

12:03 PM  

Blogger Beth said:

Nicki Styx is one of my all time favorite characters! She's smart, strong, independent and laugh-out-loud-funny! Seeing her grow as she's forced to accept her new life (and her second chance at life) was wonderful!

I loved the chemistry between Nicki and Joe as well *g* Great job!

1:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Nicki sounds great to me!! I haven't read the book yet, but very much looking forward to being chilled, thrilled and everything in between. I've heard so many good things about it already.

1:40 PM  

Blogger Terri said:

Wow, you guys are making me blush! (and that takes some doing!)

Glad to hear that Nicki's unconventional personality doesn't hide what a romantic she is at heart. Now if I can just get my husband to stop telling everyone that he was the inspiration for Dr. Joe...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

1:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I started reading your book, Terri, and cannot put it down. Great writing and so fun to read.

2:08 PM  

Blogger Tawny said:

I started DGAE this weekend and OMG love it!!! What a fab heroine. She's a standout character in that she's definitely not cookie cutter -- but I'd say she's definitely a typical-albeit really interesting - heroine!

3:22 PM  

Anonymous Chiron O'Keefe said:

I can't wait to get out to Borders and grab my copy!

5:06 PM  

Blogger Angelle Trieste said:

Typical or not, I thought Nicki was a great heroine. :)

6:28 AM  

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