I feel a 9/11 post is in order and yet I hardly know where to begin. To recall the events of that day seems too distressing and upsetting, yet to go without marking it seems wrong.

My dream, of course, was that after six years our memories would dim and that the tragedy would somehow become quieter in our minds. But for me that is not the case. My memories of 9/11 are still vivid and, honestly, frightening.

This anniversary makes me somber and I inevitably recall what I saw, which was far more than I'd like to go into here. I usually take a few moments, at the very least, to think about what we lost, which was our national innocence, and what we have, which are our freedoms.

I was commuting at the time. I still recall how glorious that morning was--so lovely I seriously considered calling in sick and hanging out in my backyard with my dog. But instead I chose work...

What does this have to do with Avon Romance? Admittedly nothing...except, on 9/11, I remind myself that I work in an industry that celebrates all that is positive in the world. In romance, good things ultimately happen to good people; and what’s right about humanity always wins.

Some would call me naïve, but I prefer to think of it as hopeful that what’s best about the human spirit ultimately overcomes what's terrible. And it's that hope that keeps me going on this sad anniversary.


Blogger Gillian said:

I'm very proud of Avon for posting this.

And yes, that is what is right and good about romance.

8:14 PM  

Blogger Lynn LaFleur said:

Thank you for your wonderful post, Lucia. None of us will ever forget what happened on that horrible day six years ago. It makes what we write so much more special. The love, the caring, the "warm fuzzies" I experience when I read and when I write...that's what I love about romance.


9:19 PM  

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