November 11th is Veterans Day, and I think that we should all take a moment to thank the Veterans who have served our country so valiantly. Both my father and my mother served during the Korean War. My father was drafted into the Army and saw heavy action in Korea, and my mother was a U.S. Air Force nurse who took care of the men once they returned home. My father was wounded and not sent home, though he did get to spend some time in a MASH unit, which, when I was a teenager and watching the television show, fascinated me. (BTW, he said it was pretty accurate!)

My mother served at Lackland Air Force base as a registered nurse. She wasn't even 25 years old, and she took care of a ward of over 100 men all by herself. I have a really great photo of her in her uniform standing in front of the nurses' quarters.

And one of my brothers-in-law served in the Air Force, too--he worked in the Strategic Air Command in Omaha, Nebraska. I don't think it's there anymore. However, I always envision it as being on the set of War Games, but for real...not a movie!

One author I'm certain served her country is Avon's own Cathy Maxwell, who worked in Naval Intelligence. She has told me some great stories about her time in the Navy!

My hat's off to Cathy, and to all the other brave men and women in our armed services! If you have anyone -- authors or those close to you--that you'd like to celebrate, let us know!