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When I was a teenager (and I do mean "just"; I was 13) i stumbled over THE DARK ON THE OTHER SIDE by Barbara Michaels at the local library. I've never forgotten it. It sent me straight to AMMIE, COME HOME. When I was that age, I was fascinated by the supernatural.

These books gave me a double-shot of the paranormal and romance. They're pretty tame on both fronts, compared to what's published today, but I recently re-read them. I found these two books still rivetting and as scary as ever. What the author leaves out is almost as frightening as what she puts in. There is a lot to be said for what the imagination adds.

There are some books we read when we're young that stay with us for years and years to come. These are two such books for me--what are the books that have 'stuck' with you?


Anonymous Karen McQuestion said:

Hey, I remember THE DARK ON THE OTHER SIDE! I agree--very scary. I also remember another book mentioned on this blog--JANE-EMILY. I loved that book in my, ahem, younger days. It will be interesting to see if my daughter feels the same way.

3:57 PM  

Anonymous mary_bc said:

The first book that had a profound effect on me was called "The Outsiders," by S. E. Hinton. I was 9 and looking around the library for something to read..eager for knowledge open to all things 'life.' When I read the excerpt on the back cover my still young & niave heart skipped a beat.

This is a great little book..they later made a movie out of it..but as is usually the case..movies rarely touch the book in quality..and this onewas no exception. It wasn't horrible..but I suggest the book.

No matter what kind of reader you are..young old or inbetween I think you'll enjoy this one.

Will have to check out " THE DARK ON THE OTHER SIDE," sounds like another one I'd like. 'Tame' can be a good thing.

If you like the supernatural et al..check out 'The Historian,' by first time author Elizabeth Kostova. A riveting read that will keep you glued to its pages..and looking for cover at the same time.

4:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

They may be tame by today's standards but they're better than 99% of the crap that's being published today.

2:39 PM  

Blogger Mary Castillo said:

I'm reading The House of Many Shadows and loving it! My local bookstore didn't have your recommendations but I'll be returning to special order them.

Thanks Lucia!


5:07 PM  

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