We usually post about Avon Books, but I can't resist getting you all to take a peek at some of the movies that have influenced me. As a teenager, I might have learned more about how to structure a romance from films like these than from some of the books I read.  These are all on Turner Classic Movies--or you can rent them!
Tonight, Friday the 13th, I'm telling you that if you miss THE UNINVITED you will truly regret it. This is the mother of all ghost movies, and it's scarey (and romantic!). I have a battered copy of the long out-of-print book, which I never let out of my home.
On the 18th, get out your Kleenex for THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE.  If you do not weep, I will wonder where you left your heart! Cher, of all people, was going to remake this. She didn't, and we are glad.
Then, on the 24th, make a martini and watch the fur fly in WRITTEN ON THE WIND.  It's camp-tastic. Lauren Bacall married Robert Stack after 24 hours.  I wouldn't steer you wrong about this one!



Blogger Anna Campbell said:

Lucia, great suggestions! Love The Enchanted Cottage. Looking forward to seeing the Uninvited. My favorite romance/ghost story is The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. That could write the handbook on sexual tension.

5:57 PM  

Blogger Mary Castillo said:

Anna, The GHost and Mrs. Muir is one of my all-time favorites. I love that line, "Stand up Lucia and never be cold again!"


2:09 PM  

Blogger Anna Campbell said:

Hi Mary! The bit that always gives me goosebumps is when he forsakes her for what he thinks is her own good and he does that great speech about everything they'll never have the chance to experience together. "All the things we've missed, Lucia, all the things we've missed." Makes me howl every single time! And you're right - the ending is just so emotional. The music there is just gorgeous. I think that's one of the best soundtracks ever written. It's one I use a lot when I'm writing. It's so passionate and romantic and poignant.

2:39 PM  

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