I wish my day was more glamourous and exciting. This afternoon, I reworked cover copy, made a number of phone calls, (please have lunch with me!) took some phone calls (ummm, the check is on its way??), attended a Fan Lit meeting.
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The upshot of Fan Lit--well, it's a secret still, but vote for your favorite storyline!
I also spent at least 45 minutes tracking down a missing contract ammendment.  Who has it? Did it get mailed? Did it get lost? Who is responsible for it?  These are the little things that sometimes take over our lives.
On tap for the rest of the week is a meeting with a representative from Hodder Headline, a UK publisher. I love their stuff!
Their WEB SITE is less exciting than their books are...
However, an agent just queried me and is sending me a submission that could be wonderful. That's what makes my day.