Everyone always asks me what I do in the course of a day, so I thought it might be fun (and telling) to give you an hour-by-hour of a random day--today!  But two hours passed before I even looked up from my computer.  I'll try to keep on my hourly schedule, and I'll give you a wrap up at day's end.
930-11am:  The story so far...
First off, I'm late.  I miss every connection I'm supposed to make, and then the E train decides to sit on the tracks for about 10 minutes, due to "congestion ahead of us."  (At least that's what the conductor seems to say, it's sometimes hard to hear above the static on my car's PA system.)  So I rush into the office at around 9:30, and of course every colleague I have is completely settled in and seems to have been there since dawn.  I know that at least two of them really have!
Open email: only 20!  But I also have over 100 Spam emails that have clogged up my inbox. So, I spend time cleaning out said inbox, which is now "over limit."
Answer email: here are the questions of the day so far...
1) why haven't I gotten jpgs of my book cover yet?
(follow up with art; apologize profusely to author)
2) why does Amazon list the e-version of my book as non-existant, even though it's listed as available on the Avon website
(follow up with ebooks)
3) can we send copy of "x" ms to "x" author for quotes (follow up)
4) why does copy of book sent from book club have text upside down? (follow up with subrights)
5) letter from fan: why can't you guys proofread your books better? (Wonder about this myself; follow up with production)
6) email from pal: she needs a drink! can we meet after work (yes)
7) email from Computer Services: the server has a virus.  All web service is now down.
Then I proofread (there's that horrible word!): two cover mechanicals; three pieces of sales collateral; do first read on two pieces of cover copy. 
Notice I haven't exactly done any reading yet.