Why are bridesmaid dresses so ugly?

In I'M IN NO MOOD FOR LOVE, Claire, our heroine, starts out by attending her friend's wedding and having to wear a bridesmaid dress. I don't have pictures I can share--but when I was younger I had to wear some pretty ugly dresses. Including:
1) blue taffetta with puffed sleeves and a giant bow on my butt
2) pink taffetta with removable puffed sleeves. No bow, but a fellow b-maid "fell out" of it! On the dancefloor. In front of the video guy.
3) blue organza. Just the word organza is enough to make a person wonder.
4) pink with this giant lace collar.



Blogger Terri said:

Bright yellow satin sheath (ugh!) with a gold belt. I felt like I should be singing the "Chiquita Banana" song! It was hideous. :)

4:37 PM  

Anonymous julia said:

they're ugly because the brides want to be the center of attention. Sadly, this backfires and most of us are snickering at the ghastly ladies standing beside her. So my advice to future brides: don't have bridesmaids. stand up there by your lonesome and you'll get all the attention you want. And those poor friends of yours won't have to buy a $200 outfit she'll want to burn afterwards.

11:39 PM  

Blogger Kristen Painter said:

Full length grass green with shoes dyed to match. Fugly.

When I got married, I specifically looked for dresses that could be worn again. Not saying any of them did, but still. I tried.

2:09 PM  

Blogger Liddy Midnight said:

Never been a bridesmaid, so I can't enter this competition. LOL

The best bridesmaid dress story I ever heard is wonderful. The bride decided on two colors for her wedding. She then gave paint chips to her bridesmaids and said, "Your dress must have one of these two colors in it. If it's a floral, I'd rather both were included. Cocktail length, please. I leave the style and fabric up to you."

Everyone had a lovely time. The two chosen colors were prominent in the bridal bouquet and the decorations. The bridesmaids knew that they looked great, and they knew that their money and effort weren't wasted. Because of the bride's generosity, they all had beautiful dresses that they could wear again.

Now that's a smart bride who's a good friend! I hope some of you ladies looking forward to your own wedding will keep this in mind.


8:41 PM  

Anonymous ShanaGalen said:

I took my bridesmaids shopping with me and let them pick the dress. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I thought they all looked really pretty--better than me in the long, poufy white dress!

11:43 AM  

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