A friend who doesn't have to "toil" here at the office from 9-5 (and then some) called to tell me that this morning's THE VIEW was all about best friends. This got me thinking about this distinctly female concept. Somehow, I don't think men sit around calling each other "BFFs" while watching football.

Of course, for many, the ultimate girlfriend television show was Sex in the City, which is still so sorely missed that I'm among the many who get sucked into the very cleaned-up re-runs nearly every night. What's interesting is that the book SITC is so different. There, the women aren't friends, they are rivals. But perhaps that's why most people I know like the show the best.

I think the precursor of SITC is this torrid page-turner by Rona Jaffee, THE BEST OF EVERYTHING.
It's not an Avon book, but if you haven't read this story of "three young women come to NYC and enter the glamourous world of publishing", you don't know what you're missing!

In romance novels, nothing tears apart female-friends. Two of my favorite gal-pals are Edwina and Debbie Sue in the Dixie Cash books. (Here's my Avon plug!) I've been pushing their latest I GAVE YOU MY HEART BUT YOU SOLD IT ONLINE. But have you read the book where they made their very first appearance? SINCE YOU'RE LEAVING ANYWAY, TAKE OUT THE TRASH

They are just hilarious, and no man will ever come between them. These two get themselves into heaps of trouble, just like real girlfriends do. I mean, I certainly did, though most of the stories I could tell on myself are probably unfit for public consumption...