Lucia says "thank goodness it's the weekend"

It used to be that the authors I work with would consider me glamourous--what with working in NYC and all that. And then they meet me. For example, this morning I will gladly admit that I, Lucia Macro, got stuck in my dress. I couldn't get the zipper up. I couldn't get the zipper down. It's little teeth were all out of wack, and I was late for work--again. I tried twisting around, I tried gentle tugging, I tried a hard pull. Nothing. In the end, I broke the zipper apart and had to figure out what else to wear. I got myself into this black dress, figuring I couldn't go wrong, and though it's sheer it has this cute matching slip. Then I got to work and realized I had on a, shall we say, brightly colored undergarment, and yes you can see it. And no, I didn't bring a sweater.

Maybe this is all too much to admit on the Avon blog, but I thought it was pretty funny. Haven't we all had these moments??? Anyway, at lunch I went and got my hair cut, so that will look great at least until I wash it and it curls all up. My lovely hairdresser uses about 10 lbs of product , so I can probably hold off till Sunday.

Speaking of hair, here's a BOOK about Bad Hair that is a few years old, but that I've always loved. (Murder is what anyone in a 10 foot radius of me wanted to do to me this morning, as I cursed, swore and tugged.)


Anonymous Anita said:

Ha, you gave me a good laugh! For someone so "glamorous", sounds like you have the same problems as the rest of us.

8:30 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I can't say that I can relate. But I do have 5 sisters so I have a idea of what happened.
At least you came up with something.
Way to improvise.

9:18 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Having been stuck in a dress before ... I must say I giggled a little at the memory of myself stuck in my dress ... mine was blue and strappy and something I normally wouldn't normally wear, and once stuck, I recalled why! lol
Thanks for giggley thought ;)

4:08 PM  

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