My best friend and I have known each other for fifteen years. I usually tease her by saying that her mom made me be her friend...but it's true. Our parents were talking at a picnic and her mother turned to us and said "You're going to the same school next year. Go be friends." And we did.

I introduced Megan to many things, like talking on the phone for no reason and video games (I have two brothers). Megan brought me out of my shell by forcing me to sing "Tomorrow" with her in our sixth grade talent show. Considering I watched Annie everyday in the fourth grade, it didn't take that much arm twisting. We rarely annoy each other, although she is not allowed to talk to me when she's had coffee. One memorable caffeinated conversation was highlighted by Megan proposing that we read the entire Anne of Green Gables series to each other chapter by chapter and over the phone.

We now celebrate our arbitrary anniversary (we can't remember the exact date) at the end of every summer. We still get very silly and giggly whenever we have sleepovers--and we still have sleepovers. Her mother continues to pay me behind her back.


Blogger Johnny Wadd said:

Books are for nerds!

9:32 AM  

Blogger Jenna Petersen said:

I'm one of those sickening people whose best friend is her husband. LOL I know, go ahead and say awwww and then gag. But it's true. I've never really had a girl best friend. Wonder what THAT says about me...

10:15 AM  

Blogger Mary Castillo said:

Jenna, you're not alone in that regard! But I do have close female friends - one of whom is my mom! I believe that soul mates aren't just limited to a romantic partner; my closest friends are also my soul mates.

4:42 PM  

Anonymous Robyn DeHart said:

Yeah, my husband is my best friend also, but I also have my mom and my sister whom I'm very close to. But then I have my friend soul mate - we didn't meet until we were adults and we're both writers and we just click, magically. I don't know what I'd do without her.

9:49 AM  

Blogger Jenna Petersen said:

You know, I am really close to my Mom, too. I'd say she's one of my best friends. And I have some really close female friends. Okay, so I'm not a complete weirdo. Mostly. :)

10:07 AM  

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