1. I love classic animated Disney Princess movies (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid...)

2. I’m lactose intolerant but refuse to give up cheese

3. I love cats!  OK everyone already knows that about me...

4. I love dogs, too!

5. Mushrooms are gross.

6. If I wasn’t an editor, I’d raise French Bulldogs

7. I’m not a dessert person.  I’d much rather eat a plate of chili cheese fries than a slice of chocolate cake.

8.  I’ve been practicing Ashtanga yoga off and on for seven years but am still the worst person in class.

9. I’m the proud owner of a hot pink glitter electric guitar that I cannot play. Unless you consider strumming the same four chords over and over “playing”.

10. I’m a slow runner.

11. I’m a very fast reader.

12. I love horror movies, the scarier the better.

13. I don’t know how I feel about hipsters...

14. I don’t know how I feel about Tom Cruise...

15. When I was 6 years old, I threw a brick at the boy next door and hit him right in the eye because I had a crush on him. (Don’t worry, after the swelling went down, he could see perfectly well.)

16. I have a secret fear of going blind!

17. Batman is my favorite superhero.

18. When I have dinner home alone, I like to make myself a BIG bowl of spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, fried eggs, and lots of parmesan cheese.

19.  I love the name Penelope.

20. I wish I had the skills to write my own romance novel.

21. I’m going to name my next cat Chairman Meow and my dog Charlie Bucket.

22. With the exception of my mother and sister, I nap more than any person I know.

23. I’d like to own a pony one day.

24. I will never swim in the ocean.

25. I think Sasha Baron Cohen is a comedic genius!


Blogger jane said:

my cats are named bert and ernie but sometimes we call them chairman meow and chiang-cat-shek when we have nothing else better to do.

5:24 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Interesting list! Now I'll have something to open up a conversation with you the next time I see you at a conference. I'll sidle up and say "Fried eggs in your spaghetti? How did you come up with that?" :)

Happy reading!


1:52 PM  

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