So, as previously promised, and now that I've devoured another season or two, here's the update on my inaugural BUFFY-watching experience.

Nearly finished with Season Four, I can now officially say Joss Whedon is a god and he's opened my eyes to marvelous and wonderful things...okay, perhaps that's a bit much, but seriously **SPOILER ALERT (for those who are still under that rock)** Angel as Angelus is arguably the most heartbreaking transformation on the silver screen (again, perhaps I exaggerate...but seriously). And then the choices Buffy has to make...not to mention the finale of Season 3.

I have to say, Season 4 is a little less stellar--Riley is really not doing it for me, and Sarah Michelle Gellar is so gosh darn skinny!. However, there are some truly intriguing moments in this season, including the acclaimed "Hush", in which a group called "The Gentlemen" steals the voices of all the residents of Sunnydale, rendering the episode almost entirely without dialogue. Top it off with new "Scooby" Anya on the scene, and all the drama with Oz--who doesn't love Seth Green?

In other vampire news, I recently read filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro's debut novel THE STRAIN. Let's just say his vampires are a little less of the Joss Whedon, Lynsay Sands, Kerrelyn Sparks, or Jeaniene Frost variety, and a little more 28-Days Later. This may not be your cup of tea, but I'd be interested to see what our romance readers and paranormal lovers think of the decidedly unsexy, but utterly fascinating science behind Del Toro's vampires. At the very least, you're in for a good read.

What say you, would you be willing to give the vampires of Horror a try, or are we sticking only with our Argeneaus, Bones, Edwards, and Angels?


Blogger Kathryn S said:

Amanda, I've been wanting to check out The Strain and now you've sold me!

Season 4 of Buffy was the beginning of the end for me. Oh, there's lots of great stuff in those later seasons, but nothing compares to the first 3 for me.

11:43 AM  

Blogger Amanda said:

The first three were just great--alas, I miss Angel --maybe I should check out the spinoff when I finish Buffy?

11:52 AM  

Anonymous Jess said:

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5:16 PM  

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