Do You Get It?
by Cathy Maxwell

I just finished reading a review of my latest book IN THE HIGHLANDER'S BED. I approach reviews with my heart in my throat. One never knows what is going to be printed.

Part of my nervousness is the fear that what I envisioned I was trying to say in the book didn't quite make it onto paper. I start every book off with such hopes. In my early enthusiasm, the words seem to flow through my mind--vibrant, pithy phrases (yes, I said pithy) and humor coupled with poignant moments.

Then, I start writing. Those words in my mind don't always translate well to paper. The characters start to take over.

The story changes direction or turns out to not be as exciting as my two-in-the-morning imaginings. I'm flummoxed. I'm scared. I work harder. I labor, bring in new words, try new scenes, throw out all of it...

But there comes a point when a book has to be sent into the world. A point when I learn whether what I was trying to say reaches the reader.

There are three important elements to a successful book. The first is my vision, my experience, and my talent. The second is how the characters take over the story, whether or not they own it.

You might think that I'm involved. In some ways I am but for some reason, these imaginary people take on lives of their own. If they are written right, their words and actions ring with authenticity.

Then there is the third element and that is the Reader. She brings to the story her wisdom and insight. Her imagination allows the story to grow in directions I could never have thought possible--and when that occurs, it's MAGIC.

Yup, I'm receiving some “magic” notices on IN THE HIGHLANDER'S BED. I'm also learning that what started as a glimmer of an idea for me has taken on life and been reborn into something meaningful to the Reader. The book is our connection.

And that, my friends, is what it is all about.

“IN THE HIGHLANDER'S BED is just the right blend of substance, heady romance, and comic relief...concluding with a resolution that is not completely expected in a romance.”
Sandra Brill
Romance Reviews Today


Blogger Tracey Devlyn said:

Congrats on the wonderful review. The "resolution that is not completely expected in a romance" will have readers intrigued enough to buy the book.

I've been a fan for years, and I was fortunate enough to meet you in Dallas last July. Hopefully, I'll see you in San Francisco.

You also turned me on to RomanceNovelTV and for that I must thank you!

Have a great 2008!

6:06 PM  

Blogger BethRe said:

Cathy I love your books I'm sure that we will get what you are trying to convey

12:48 PM  

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