Well, Chinese New Year is here and I haven't done all the stuff you're supposed to, like get a haircut and sweep the house. But I guess it's okay because even after the new year passes, I won't do those things either, so I won't be cutting off the good luck or sweeping it out the door.

By slacking off on personal grooming and not cleaning, I'm actually sort of adhering to custom.

I passed this bumper sticker today with a picture of Gandhi that said something like, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” Well, I've been starting to wear a lot of polka dotted things such as scarves and socks and it isn't changing anybody else.

I'm not sure if New Year's resolutions are really a part of Chinese New Year, but if change in the world starts with me, maybe I'll...

Eliminate high fructose corn syrup
Write more thank-you letters
Use sunscreen every day
Spend more time outside
Stop shopping on eBay !!!!

Those exclamation points are sincere. There's so much stuff you never thought you needed until you saw how cute it was and that someone else wanted it. That's how you end up with a boxful of adorable, porcelain fish bowl adornments such as mini treasure chests and tiny castles with mermaids...and you don't even have any fish.

Oh, but back to Chinese New Year. In my first book, THE DIM SUM OF ALL THINGS, the main character is watching a lion dance and wonders, “Where can I get some of those fabulous, fur-trimmed, satin pants?” I'm still looking for those. You can forget about trying to borrow them from any actual kung fu clubs because all those guys are so skinny I'd never fit into them, even if I managed to convince them I just wanted those pants so I could wear them around the house.

Aha! I could say I wanted to wear them while sweeping the house for Chinese New Year. That would be somewhat relevant, but wouldn't completely explain my penchant for a little wardrobe pizzazz. Is it really that far of a stretch from polka dots to fur-trimmed, lion-dancing pants?

If those furry pants are really expensive, I can write them off on my taxes and say I wore them to promote I WANT CANDY. A perfect excuse to blend art and commerce.

Pearl River here I come!




Anonymous Lauren said:

Eliminate high fructose corn syrup = super-ambitious. I tried that for awhile, then realized it was in nearly everything I like.

7:33 AM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

It is SO hard to eliminate the high fructose, but you can definitely limit it anyway.

And fish bowl stuff? Really? Just so you know, this made me spit water on my computer screen. If I'm late turning in my books, I'll blame you. ;)


10:06 AM  

Anonymous Taylor Blue said:

This book really looks good...and really who doesn't want candy??

8:33 PM  

Blogger CherylStJohn said:

Wish you'd posted a pic of the fishy stuf. LOL I kicked the ebay habit, but now you['re tempting me.....

2:29 PM  

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