Secret lovers with hidden identities are at the heart of my new book, THE GOVERNESS WEARS SCARLET.

Abigail West is a smart, capable woman of great loyalty who has had more than her share of misfortune. She's quiet and prim, yet there's a steely resilience within her that makes you root for her to succeed.

Abigail's secret lover is Jason Steele, a dashing Viscount who's pulled himself up by the bootstraps to become one of the most powerful men in England.

Despite Jason's title, wealth, and power, he's haunted by tragedy and in need of understanding.

Jason leads separate lives--by day he's a barrister and nobleman, and by night he's a masked vigilante. One night he rescues a veiled woman and their anonymity unleashes flaming passions.

In steamy hot encounters, Abigail and Jason explore every inch of each other's bodies, yet never reveal their identities. They take great chances with their lives, yet are reticent to gamble with their hearts. So respect, admiration, and true love have to sneak up on Abigail and Jason, catching them unawares.

Oh, how I adore romance!

Do you enjoy books about lovers sharing secret, passionate encounters? Which are your favorites? Please share!

All my best,


Blogger flchen1 said:

Sari, I just wanted to say what a gorgeous cover that is!

I love the premise for your story--sort of a different take on a superhero, living those two separate identities!

I'll have to think on the books question and see what I can remember :)

2:22 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thank you! I ADORE my cover.

I would love to know what books with steamy encounters you've enjoyed. I'm looking for a great book to read :).

Take care!
Best, Sari

10:13 AM  

Blogger Jane said:

Hi Sari,

I'm quite partial to bathtub scenes. They're usually pretty erotic and sensual. Lisa Kleypas has written some great ones.

5:35 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I love scenes where discretion is critical. Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels is wonderful.

Take care!
Best, Sari

10:03 AM  

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