I’m a New Yorker.

I move quickly and I speak fast.

I will not make eye contact as I’m zooming down the street, nor will I smile at you and ask after your health. There’s just not enough time. Plus, I need to keep moving or risk being trampled by the other fast moving New Yorkers behind me.

This past weekend, I visited friends in North Carolina. They live in a quaint little town where the firemen sit outside and chat with passersby, the barista at the coffee shop not only knows your name but she’ll have your coffee ready before you even step thru those doors, AND they make eye contact.

When they ask “How’re y’all doing?” they really expect you to stop and tell them.

I was in hell. Why is the speed limit only 25 thru town?

Why is the check out girl at the grocery store talking to me?

Why can’t they walk faster?

Yes, eventually, I did learn to relax. I stopped jogging down Main Street and even learned to appreciate the firemen lounging outside the fire station...And I’ve become addicted to Bojangles sweet iced tea.

This morning, I had to run for my train, if I wanted to get to work on time. I ordered a tall Caramel Macchiato and the woman behind the counter never looked up as she gave me my change. A pedestrian didn’t even bother to wait for the light to change before he darted between cars to cross the street.

I love New York.

Erika Tsang


Anonymous raymondm said:

Want to hear something funny?
This actually sounds like my part of Brooklyn and some parts of Soho....

go figure

4:33 PM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

LOL. Poor Erika. How did those roses smell once you slowed down long enough to smell 'em? Or did you get jabbed by a thorn instead? :-)

Honestly, I sympathize. CT isn't anywhere near as fast as NYC, but whenever I go home to Nova Scotia, I'm always impatient with how slow everything is, even though I kinda miss it.

1:32 AM  

Blogger Erika said:

Awww...I miss Brooklyn.

And those roses were covered in snow. Yep. It snowed in NC and was actually colder than NYC. They had news segments teaching viewers how to prepare for the cold -- put on your hat and mittens; remember to bring your pets indoors, etc.

8:52 PM  

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