When New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens created the Cynster clan, she created more than a phenomenon. She created a dynasty.

Readers fell in love with the Cynster family--and not only with the Cynster men. There are so many other characters in the series that have captured the imaginations of her millions of fans.

I have always been fascinated by Giles Chillingsworth--the "honorary" Cynster male. There's also Lady Oblestone, whose name I am 100% sure I've misspelled. If we were to ever cast a Cynster movie, and could use any actor or actress from the past or present, I'm sure she'd be portrayed by the amazing Edna May Oliver. It would be perfect casting!

I live in fear that Lady O, as I think of her, might finally have to meet her demise. My hope, though, is that she will defy the odds and live to be well over 100.

One character who I've heard so much about is Barnaby Adair. He's so fascinating, witty, and clearly has some secrets that we don't know about yet. So, when I learned he was going to become the hero of Stephanie's newest, WHERE THE HEART LEADS, I was thrilled.

Barnaby is certainly a man of society, but he travels equally well among all of London's society--both high and lower-born. He can keep a confidence and I suspect he knows where many of society's "bodies" are buried. He seems to be able to stand away from the crown and, in doing so, seems to notice what others ignore.

I haven't quite figured out who would play Barnaby in my imaginary Cynster movie, though I suspect that some of Stephanie's readers have figured out the entire cast...beginning with Devil Cynster himself and going right on down to the youngest Cynster child! If any of you have suggestions, let me know, just for fun. In the meantime, enjoy WHERE THE HEART LEADS.


Blogger Jane said:

I think Hugh Jackman would be great as Devil. I don't think I will have a hard time casting the Bastion Club. Christian Bale would be great as Tristan or Jack.

3:10 PM  

Anonymous Alison said:

I love Stephanie Laurens' books...and yes you did spell is wrong ;)

4:32 PM  

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