That's right. Today is the day the Giants get their tickertape parade!

I is the day you all go out and make your voices heard.

"But Esi," you say, "I'm still undecided." Never fear! Here to help is THE UNDECIDED VOTER'S GUIDE TO THE NEXT PRESIDENT.

Check out this new book by Mark Halperin and head to the voting booth well-informed. It has charts, and facts, and in-depth analysis, and everything else you need to get your vote on.

There's even more!

ELEANOR VS. IKE is Robin Gerber's wonderfully written account of what could have been, had Eleanor Roosevelt thrown her hat into the ring.

You can even get a sneak peek of the book RIGHT HERE.

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Anonymous Internet Business Guide said:

Hmm... Isn't it strange Ron Paul is left out in so many candidate pictures and discussions?

9:36 AM  

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