The Art of Seduction

The Top 5 Rules to seducing the Rakehell of your dreams (according to notorious London courtesan Madam Jacqueline):

Rule 1: Ignore the man as much as possible. Make him come to you.

Rule 2: Think a naughty thought, for it will show in your eyes--and make him wild with desire.

Rule 3: Never show too much affection. A man enjoys picking up “the scent” of a courtship and then engaging in “the hunt.”

Rule 4: Wear the man's favorite perfume. Scent is the strongest aphrodisiac.

Rule 5: If all else fails, feign injury. A man can never resist rescuing a damsel in distress.

And so the seduction begins in TOO SCANDALOUS TO WED as heroine Henrietta Ashby employs the courtesan's naughty (but effective) suggestions to bewitch Viscount Ravenswood--the man she's long loved from afar.

But will Henrietta win the heart of the roguish viscount...or will he prove to be too scandalous to wed?

So what are some of your rules to courtship?

Alexandra Benedict