by Julia Latham

WICKED, SINFUL NIGHTS--quite a title, huh? How does a book live up to that? Let’s see...

Wicked: That’s what Sarah Audley is considered--although she doesn’t know it at first. The League of the Blade, my secret group of knights (both male and female) who battle injustice and defend the innocent, doesn’t believe that Sarah is an innocent at all. They think she murdered her master, Viscount Drayton, out of jealousy and greed. Drayton was a Bladesman, and they plan to avenge their own. To prove her guilt, they send Sir Robert Hilliard, who was raised by the League along with his brothers. Robert has some proving of his own to do. The League is giving him one last chance to show that he is serious and committed to their causes, and Robert now realizes service to the League is more important than he ever knew. But then he meets Sarah, and every plan he had for his life is in jeopardy because of his reluctant, forbidden attraction to her. And that leads to...

Sinful: They resist it, of course. If Sarah and Robert fall for each other, he’ll be exiled from the only family he’s had, the League of the Blade. And, how can she ever trust him? The League wants him to get close to her, after all--is he lying, exploiting her desperation to have someone on her side? But, although these two people have every reason to avoid each other, they cannot. And that leads to...

Nights: The only time they can secretly be together, whether it’s beside a campfire in the woods where Sarah, a nurse, has taken her young charge, the Drayton heir, to protect him from the real murderer who wants the next viscount dead, or alone at last in Robert’s bedchamber, where Robert and Sarah risk everything to find love.

WICKED, SINFUL NIGHTS--I was worried that the title didn’t fit at first. But, hey, we just proved it did!

So what title would summarize your life?


Blogger Amanda said:

Hmmm, that's difficult! I think Ms. Latham, should give her life a title as an example ;-)

4:13 PM  

Anonymous Julia Latham said:

Amanda, this is patently unfair! I wrote a whole blog on the subject! ;) And no one was supposed to call me on it. Sigh... Okay, I'll try to be witty--Taken and Seduced. No, no, just kidding! That's my book that came out last year. So I'll end sappy. To Love a Gentleman. I'll try to think up something more amusing! Now it's your turn!

5:26 PM  

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Anonymous Melody Thomas said:

Title to summarize my life. Hmmmm How about "Hope to be Seduced by a Wild and Wicked Knight", aka the man in my life who is due back today. Or "Awaiting Sin with More than a Kiss". LOL. Better than last week which I could title, Sinfully Bored.

3:02 PM  

Anonymous Julia Latham said:

Melody, those were good! You must be a writer! ;)

10:55 AM  

Blogger EmilyBryan said:

Hmmm... if we're being truthful, how about "Ever-Writing Dog Nanny and the Joy of Making Stuff Up?" My terrier thinks he has to help whenever I have the laptop out.

Enjoyed your post!
Sounds like a great read,

2:22 PM  

Anonymous Julia Latham said:

Good one, Emily! If I'm sitting at my desktop, and my dog wants my attention, he noses my elbow, moving my hand off the mouse. Dogs are smart!

4:03 PM  

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