Happy New Year!

After nearly two full weeks of glorious, relaxing vacation up in snowy Maine with my large and very entertaining family,

I am determined to beat back the post-holiday, January blues and kick off 2010 thinking of things that make me happy. A few in no particular order...

GLEE Soundtrack(s)--perfect for iPod® listening at the gym (and to get me through until the next season starts in March)

BITTEN BY CUPID: In a trifecta of paranormal delight, Lynsay Sands and rising stars Pamela Palmer and Jaime Rush thrill with a whole lot of romance and fun this month.

Mini burgers and sweet potato fries...which are just a few more reasons to hit that elliptical a bit harder 

SECRETS OF THE LOST SYMBOL: The Unauthorized Guide To The Mysteries Behind THE DA VINCI CODE Sequel

I read Dan Brown's latest over vacation, and couldn't resist snagging a copy of this great guide to separating the facts/fiction of the history, science, and hidden meanings behind the story (out this month!)

Brand new plaid galoshes (from my sister)--bring on that NYC rain and slush!

Help me out...what other fun movies, books, shows, holiday presents are you excited about this month?


Anonymous Kerrelyn Sparks said:

Happy New Year, Amanda! Your picture of Maine is beautiful! I recommend the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Saw it the other day and loved it!


11:17 AM  

Blogger Amanda said:

Happy New Year to you too, Kerrelyn! Thanks for the movie recommendation, I am definitely looking for fun/relaxing weekend plans :)

3:25 PM  

Anonymous Adele Ashworth said:

Happy New Year, Amanda! I despise January for two reasons: first, it's cold, and I get cold at like 60*, and second, my birthday (I'll be 40-something again in, I don't know, days...) Sigh.

But this year? One word: Glee. My new favorite show.

March cannot come soon enough. :)

12:47 PM  

Blogger Amanda said:

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! I am also a Capricorn :)

3:17 PM  

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