Now that the Christmas madness is over--the shopping! the cooking! the celebrating! (well, wait, there’s more of that to be done in a few days)--we all have a few minutes to take a breath, survey our gifts (those that we wished for and those that are less than perfect), and think about the few things that we’d maybe still like to pick up. Like the new James Rollins novel ALTAR OF EDEN, which is on sale today!

Rollins is known for his skill at combining fascinating elements--science, religion, history and breakneck action--into a novel that is truly impossible to put down. And, this latest is no exception.

Taking a breather from his acclaimed Sigma Force series, Rollins returns to his roots in the first stand alone novel he’s published in more than five years. This one is dynamite! It features Lorna Polk, a truly kick-ass heroine, a veterinarian in New Orleans who shares a dark secret in her past with Jack Menard, a rugged, sexy, U.S. Border Patrol agent. Neither one of them wanted to revisit their history but they are thrust together to investigate a black market exotic animal ring. There is something frighteningly wrong with these animals--and Lorna and Jack must face their past and work together to uncover the truth about these strange creatures and the terrorist threat they pose.

Not only are there cool birds and mammals and threats to humankind in this novel, but there is a remarkable heroine, an amazing hero, and a deep and emotional romance that will surprise you with its impact. There’s no better way to end 2009/start 2010 than to read this book. Really!


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