Guest Blog from author Caroline Linden:

10 Things I Love about December

1) The weather. This might sound strange, given that I live in New England, but December weather is usually pretty nice. Crisp and cool, only sometimes brutally cold, a chance of snow (which is perfectly acceptable), and that stark blue sky you only see in winter (or technically, for most of the month, fall).

2) The lights. I am a total sucker for those strings of little lights every mall and shop window is decorated with this time of year. Plus, they help make up for the fact that it gets dark in the middle of the afternoon now.

3) Baking. Yum. Need I say more? Even if you hate to cook and think your kitchen is inhabited by evil gremlins who will suck out your brains if you enter, you can still enjoy holiday baking. Just stop in front of your favorite bakery and breathe deeply.

4) Drinking. 'Tis the season of hot mulled wine, mulled cider, eggnog, and champagne.

5) Fire. Candles and fireplaces were invented for December.

6) Books. Anyone in possession of a crackling fire and some cinnamon-y, clove-y, whipped-cream-topped hot apple cider, must be in want of a good book.

7) Sales. Especially at bookstores. Especially when those bookstores email the extra coupons right to you.

8) The internet. OK, I love the internet year 'round, but particularly in December, when it saves me from going to the shopping center with everyone else in creation. The books are mailed right to my door!!!

9) Catalogs. Yes, I like this form of junk mail. Holiday catalogs are so shiny and pretty (although there is a bit of confusion when the Victoria's Secret catalog comes with the King Arthur Baking Catalog. So I want to fit into that underwear, or make the double-chocolate gooey oatmeal squares? Hmmm). And, then you can order online. See #8.

10) Vacation. Everyone deserves a day off at the end of a long year.

Anything to add to my list?

Lyssa: The one thing I’d like to add to the Things to Love about December is Caroline Linden’s latest (December 2009) release FOR YOUR ARMS ONLY, which, by the way, was just nominated for a Romantic Times award for Best British Isle Set Historical Romance. Congrats, Caroline!!

In a wonderful mix of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE meets Regency England, Caroline creates an exciting, intriguing, romantic world with dashing heroes and daring heroines, page-turning plots and breathless passion. Don’t miss FOR YOUR ARMS ONLY this December, and be sure to read DEEPER THAN DESIRE, an original companion story to this delightful romance.

Happy reading--and happy holidays!!


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