I can’t believe the holiday season is in full swing already! How does that happen--and why do I get caught on my heels every year, even though I always say this year will be different??

I have to confess, though, that I love New York City during the holidays. With all of the lights, and the wreaths, and the holiday music, it’s hard not to get into the spirit! I especially love the smells of the holidays: pine and cinnamon, and warm coffee and fresh baked cookies.

I’m not often in the kitchen, but even I can be found there over the holidays, muddling around. Clearly, family and food are big components of any holiday celebration, and that brings to mind a really fun, beautifully designed cookbook that you should check out. It’s THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKS: RECIPES FROM AN ACCIDENTAL COUNTRY GIRL.

If you love cowboys, this is the cookbook for you. Ree Drummond, the author, traces her transition from city life to rancher’s wife. Not only is the book full of mouth-watering recipes, but you’ll also find scores of photos of cows, horses, country kids and cowboys (!) as well as delightful rural stories based on the author’s popular blog, "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman". Romance writers may even find some fodder here for their books--or at least some inspiration!

In the words of Ree Drummond: “I hope you get a kick out of this book of mine. I hope it makes you smile. I hope the recipes bring you recognition, accolades, and marriage proposals. And, I hope it encourages even the most harried urban cook to slow down, relish the joys of family, nature, and great food, and enjoy life.” Seems like holiday spirit to me! What are your favorite elements of the holidays??


Blogger ESI said:

I got to meet her on Friday and she was wonderful and kind and crazy pretty. And now you know that we editors can get all FanGirl-like too!

2:48 PM  

Anonymous Natalie said:

Ohh I love these kind of cookbooks, there is a story with a recipe! In my mind I am Paula Dean.

3:27 PM  

Blogger jedisakora said:

Some of my favorite elements of the holidays is the lights and holly. I absolutely love to take my dogs for a walk at night among all of the festive holiday lights. ^^

5:08 PM  

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