Today, I'm turning the blog over to a brand new Avon author Sarah MacLean. You may not know her, yet--she has previously written a YA novel called THE SEASON ,available from Scholastic--however, in March, her book will, I predict, burst on the scene. Sarah already has a rave from Eloisa James, and with those sorts of creds, how can she miss?

Like Carrie’s mom, my favorite holiday is also Thanksgiving. It’s absolutely because of the food; there is nothing better than a gravy-soaked plate of turkey with all the trimmings. Nothing, that is, but the Friday afternoon leftovers that make the sandwich of champions!

This year, in the midst of those Friday afternoon leftovers, the holidays are looming--and, with them, dreaded responsibility. Shopping, cooking, entertaining, fun as December can be, there seems to be an awful lot of rules that get in the way of the festivities.

So, it seems fitting that (as I bide my time until the new year, and the release of my first Avon romance, NINE RULES TO BREAK WHEN ROMANCING A RAKE) I share my "Nine Rules For Surviving The Holiday Season".

1. Remember that family drama is excellent fodder for that novel you’ve always wanted to write. When it gets to be too much, envision eviscerating that awful aunt in fiction.

2. If you get a chance under the mistletoe, take it. The halls are only decked once a year.

3. Start shopping early and mine those sales, but remember: Just because that puff-painted cardigan is 70% off doesn’t make it a bargain.

4. Make every night of Hanukkah count. Giving gelt on night three is just plain phoning it in.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Twitter tip! From now until December 19th, the elves at Sephora (one of my favorite stores) are granting one beauty wish a day--if that’s not a reason to start tweeting, I don’t know what is!

6. Regifting is bad karma.

7. No stocking is complete without a romance novel. First, they’re the perfect size and, second, they’re an excellent escape from the post-holiday blues. I, for one, am hoping Santa will leave me a copy of Victoria Alexander’s new BELIEVE--it was one of my very favorite romances back in the day (everyone loves a good time-travel, right?), and now it’s updated for a new era.

8. Reconsider waking up at 3 AM to beat the crowds at the mall. Stay in your jammies, cuddle on the couch with the dog, and shop online. I promise you, no gift is worth standing in the the freezing cold.

9. Nice might be what Santa is looking for...but naughty is way more fun.

So...what are your rules for surviving the holidays?


Anonymous Sharmaine said:

Wow I love these rules! :) So true! No gift is worth battling the crowds... except maybe something really awesome for your little sister or BFF. But you must have a plan of attack!!!!!

Also I do the envisioning thing every year in the holidays. Then I take a step back and realise I might possibly be acting like a Scrooge so I give in and join my crazy fambam. :D

7:07 PM  

Blogger The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said:

I keep hydrated, get enough sleep, eat without guilt...for that is my gift to myself over the holidays and laugh a lot.
This was a good post, thanks for sharing.
Have a lovely weekend.

7:20 PM  

Blogger Keira Soleore said:

What a fun post, Sarah! And I ADORE your cover.

2:17 AM  

Anonymous Natalie said:

Just found this blog! Love it! I read about 2 books a week, and I am just starting the Bar Cynster over again! Thanks for all the great insights!

1:49 AM  

Blogger Angel said:

This is my first comment here. I've never heard of this writer but the title of the book is very interesting. I'll try to get my hands on this!

10:00 AM  

Blogger Heather Snow said:

I, too, love the cover and title. Looking forward to the book.

For me, surviving the Holidays is really just trying to remember that it's about family. We have to travel every year, as both mine and hubby's families are 4-6 hours away (which is long enough to be a pain, but not long enough to use as an excuse to stay home!). So we just try to be present while we're there, really make the time count, pitch in where we can so the burden isn't totally on our mothers, and bask in how much fun our son has with his grandparents and cousins. We focus on the fact that every year is a blessing, as there's no guarantee we'll all be here next year. So stay up late, play that extra game of cards, laugh as much as you can stand.

Oh, and shop early (and mostly online), so I enjoy it instead of feeling like it's an obligation with a deadline!

3:30 PM  

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