If you haven't read TRUE CONFESSIONS by Rachel Gibson, I really wish you would. Here are the Top Five reasons why I love this book:

1) It contains the great opening lines: "There were two universal truths in Gospel, Idaho. First, God had done His best work when He'd created the Sawtooth Wilderness Area. And except for the unfortunate incident of '95, Gospel had always been heaven on earth. Second--a truth just as adamantly believed as the first--every sin known to heaven and earth was California's fault."

2) Every chapter opens with a "headline" that could be ripped from the Weekly World News. For example, MAN SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTS or MICROPHONE DETECTS SOUND OF BREAKING HEART. I miss the Weekly World News and am a little obsessed about spontaneous combustion.

3) There is a toilet tossing contest in the book.

4) The heroine, who is from California, drives a car with the license plate MZBHAVN.

5) The hero is a sheriff who's way sexier than Andy Taylor. Way.

I'm also curious about what you think of the cover. We went in a different direction for this edition of TRUE CONFESSIONS, and I'd really love to hear some opinions.


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