‘Tis the weekend before Halloween and all through the house...

Of all my authors, I think...no, I know...Terri Garey has the most fun with Halloween. Every year, she transforms her backyard into Madame Zelda’s Haunted Graveyard. I must experience this for myself one day very soon...

It’s no wonder, then, that an author who loves Halloween as much as she loves telling ghost stories has given a new twist on the Christmas Carol theme. SILENT NIGHT, HAUNTED NIGHT finds our beloved Nicki Styx, ghoulfriend to the dead, battling the deadly Three Fates.

They have a bone to pick with Nicki for interfering with what they believe is the natural order of things, and it seems they won’t stop until they have their way...or her boyfriend.

Anyone have any good scary ghost stories they’d like to share?


Blogger Virginia C said:

Hello! I have lived in the same house for 30 years. My mother and I owned the house together. She passed away several years ago. I have had many paranormal experiences in my home, both before and after my mother passed away. The first experience was to glance over at a living room window late one night and see the "Scream" face looking in! I rushed to the door and turned on the front porch light, and not a "soul" was about! Another time, on Halloween night, I heard distinct footsteps on the wooden floor of the upstairs hallway. My mother and I were both downstairs and no other "human" was in the house. One night, I went upstairs to my room without turning on the stairway light. When I got to the doorway of my room, a large misty shape moved from the area of the doorway and went across the room and out the window. One bright Sunday morning, I had overslept, which is a rare occurrence. A voice from the doorway of my room said: "Are you getting up?". I looked over through sleep-filled eyes and saw the blurred image of a large friendly blonde woman dressed in red and royal blue. I answered, and then realized it wasn't my mother! The "woman" was twice the size of my mother (who was actually downstairs in the kitchen). Since my mother passed away, I have noticed unusual scents in the house. I have smelled my grandfather's pipe tobacco, my grandmother's lilly of the valley, and my mother's fingernail polish remover. All of these people are deceased, and none of those items are in the house! The time that I was the most afraid was when I came home to find my house almost in a vacuum state. There seemed to be no air, no sound, and no smell of any kind in the house. My cats were in hiding. I don't know what had been in the house, but it had some kind of mojo! gcwhiskas at aol dot com

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