In 2008, THE LACE READER by Brunonia Barry was a runaway New York Times bestseller in hardcover, and now it’s available in a stunning trade paperback edition.

A debut novel in the gothic tradition of THE THIRTEENTH TALE, this novel draws you into the world of lace readers, generations of women who can predict the future through the patterns in lace.  It’s a world of magic and passion and secrets.  And, when two of these gifted women disappear, it’s a world that beckons to Towner Whitney to return to the hauntingly familiar town of Salem, from which she fled years ago.  For not only has the disappearance of these two women captured her attention, but her homecoming brings to light the truth behind the death of her twin sister.

While not a traditional romance novel, this story has a lot of the same elements we all love:  rich characters, a mesmerizing gothic setting, a romantic love story, and a compelling tale about a twin and her sister--not to mention several generations of a gifted family of women with the power to glean the future in the threads of lace.

With autumn setting in, this is the perfect kind of novel with which to settle into a big chair, steaming mug in hand.  The days are getting shorter.  Why not spend those precious hours with a great book?


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