My right eye is acting very strangely lately. Either I have been staring at my computer too long or watching too much tv.

Or, my eye is going to fall out. I hope that last one isn't true. I've got a lot going on.

I've been feeding my inner nerd lately. This past weekend was "Museums on Us", where all sorts of museums around the country waived admissions fees. I went down to The Pierpont Morgan Library on Saturday and y'all? I love books.

I know it seems obvious, but sometimes I forget how much I really freaking love books. They are amazing. And the idea that I--if I didn't want to be tackled by PML security--could lift the glass and touch a copy of "TYGER" that William Blake himself touched is mind-blowing. Not to mention the amazing etchings (you know you're a historical romance junkie when the word "etching" makes you giggle), the letters from Chopin, Puccini's original the kids would say, I was geeking out.

I'm particularly excited because Sheramy Bundrick's SUNFLOWERS is finally on sale and it's lovely and brilliant. The Publishers' Weekly starred review called it "a knockout debut" and truer words were never spoken (, written).

One of the many things that's so special about this book is that you don't have to be an art buff to love it. The story is so beautiful and the characters are absolutely riveting. Plus, Sheramy's fantastic background as an art historian adds such rich details that big nerds like me will absolutely not be disappointed--and will probably learn a thing or two.

So clearly, with all the TV (GLEE!!! Do you love it? If you don't, don't tell me, because we will no longer be friends. And, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!), the many books, and the theater performances (the New York Music Theater Festival started this week), I really can't afford to lose an eye.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Esi, my first four years in New York I lived close to the Morgan Library and was a constant visitor. Their special exhibits are amazing. I need to go back.

Sorry about your eye. Maybe its all the construction all around us? The air can't be good.


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