(by Lynsay Sands)

1) I love roller coasters. I can ride them from dawn until sunset, weather permitting.

2) I love girls’ weekends with my sisters.

3) THE ROGUE HUNTER is based on one of our girls’ weekends at a cottage in Magnetawan  (Canada) and I let my sisters name their characters (Jo in  THE RENEGADE HUNTER and Alex in an upcoming book.)

4) My big dream is to live by the water someday.

5) My favorite Broadway show is WICKED.

6) I grew up with a mother who--God love her--thought ketchup was a main ingredient in every dish.

7) I spent most of my childhood summers on an island in Lake Erie (which was very conducive to writing.)

8) I lived in England for 2 years.

9) I want a dog just like Jo had in THE RENEGADE HUNTER.

10) My favorite food is potatoes in any form, which is a family trait.

11) I’ve moved six times in the last six years.

12) I can change a toilet seat.

13) The thing I missed most while in England was bologna, even though I never ate it when I lived here. Now that I’m back in Canada, I miss Scotch eggs and millionaire shortbread.

14) I’m allergic to fleas. They will leave the animal they’re on in favor of feasting on me.

15) My sisters are my best friends.

16) I get my best ideas from real life.

17) I am NOT a morning person.  I am totally incoherent and completely useless until I get my hands on a cup of tea. I do my best writing at night.

18) I have completely lost my ability to cook.

19) I tend to giggle uncontrollably after two drinks.

20) I prefer bubble baths to showers.

21) I am Canadian but I hate the cold.  This is a problem! My favorite seasons are spring and fall.

22) I intensely dislike bugs of any kind.

23) Won a "Shake Your Booty" contest on St. Lucia.

24) I have short arms and stubby legs.

25) I am not a vampire nor do I know any.


Blogger Sewicked said:

May I suggest Badger anti-bug balm? I know it works for gnats, no-see-ums & skeeters. Maybe it will fend off fleas, too. Plus it leaves your skin soooo soft (note: I have no connection to the company, I just love that balm). Love your books. Congrats.

12:04 PM  

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