New York Times bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby is most famous for her popular series featuring Curtis Black--the rascally preacher that fans love to hate.

With her second novella, A Deep Dark Secret, Kim stretches her wings as a writer, when she tackles a very serious social issue that affects hundreds of children every year.

Jillian Maxwell appears to be living a perfect preteen’s life--good grades, a loving family, a fun best friend, and even a cute boy at school who’s interested in her--but inside, Jillian knows that there is something very wrong.

For years, she has been hiding a terrible secret that no one else suspects. Everything that she and her family has worked for will be destroyed if she tells. But if she doesn’t, Jillian might put herself in even greater danger.

This powerful novella, an Essence book club pick, doesn’t go on sale until the end of the month, but you can check out the trailer now: CLICK HERE or watch below.


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