I think there's something in the water...or maybe a few of us here at Avon have just hit that time in our lives when everyone around us seems to be getting married...and so the invitations flood in!

Earlier this summer, Tessa wrote about her dear friends' impending nuptials, a friend down the hall (in our new 5th floor digs) is tying the knot next weekend here in the city, our Avon A production editor just hosted her sister's bridal shower, and poor May just wants one of us to get married so she can help plan a wedding (sorry May, it could be a while).

My favorite part of watching friends and family get hitched (well, besides the joy of celebrating the joining of two fantastic people) is seeing how celebrations reflect the personalities of the bride and groom.

As Tessa mentioned, her friends had a hand fasting ceremony in the woods of New Hampshire (complete with Scottish kits for the groom and groomsmen); in August my coast-loving cousin and her avid fisherman groom had a ceremony in a little white church in Boothbay Harbor, Maine followed by a boat ride for the wedding party to the outdoor reception.

My cousin and her (new!) husband boarding the "limo" boat that took the wedding party from the church to the reception

And the party went on into the night...

Next month, I am flying back up to the Pine Tree state for another family wedding, which will take place at a ski lodge where the couple first met.

Ahh l'amour...

(and I already know what I will be reading on the plane...)

Have you been to any great weddings or celebrated any fabulous couples recently?


Blogger Santa said:

I have been to so many weddings that I seem to be the only one of my friends who doesn't have to wonder what they'll wear to the RITAs. I need only turn to my closet and pluck something out. Long. Short. Skirts. Gowns. Palazzo pants. I've got 'em all.

At my cousins Tony and Marianne's (not an off-Broadway play)wedding eons ago to which I wore a seaform green polyester gown with matching floppy hat with rick-rack flower at the brim - I was 13. Tony's mother surprised him by flying in from Italy and singing at his reception. Not a dry eye St. Anthony's or at Leonard's of Great Neck.

Coolest wedding - colleagues of my husband's got married at the Performing Arts Center in Stamford, CT and re-enacted how they met on a ladder working the lights at a local theatre company in CO. Members of the wedding party, family and friends went on stage and told their favorite stories of the bride and groom. We gave them a case of champagne with tags on each bottle for every significant firsts of their married life together. First house. First fight. First meal. Etc.

I could go on and on...but I won't. LOVE that book, btw. In fact, I feel a re-read coming on.

1:30 AM  

Blogger StaceyC4 said:

We recently went a wedding for a sweet young girl who used to babysit my son and was his youth group leader at church! It was wild to see this girl (I know she's older than that but she'll always seem like a girl to me!) in her beautiful gown walking down the aisle.

What was even more alarming is that I turned and looked at my 17 year old son and realized that in a couple of years, it could be his turn!

11:20 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

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